Above 30,000 Ft., We're Reading Across America!

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Above 30,000 Ft., We're Reading Across America!

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Friday, March 2, 2012 - 8:50pm
There once was a plane that was canyon blue. 
To 73 cities it flew and it flew. 
For a lucky bunch boarding, there was a treat. 
On Saturday, a Lorax, they all would meet! 
But that's not all that Southwest had planned. 
There'd be reading for all--we are taking a stand! 
On many of these flights, our dear Crew decreed, 
"Gather 'round kids, a children's book we will read!" 
Southwest is known for Sharing the Spirit. 
We're reading aloud so you all can hear it. 
If you're riding this weekend on one of our planes. 
Keep your eyes peeled for Loraxes, hatted cats, and games! 
We're taking Seuss-style rhymes to the skies to help the National Education Association (NEA) promote and commemorate reading, learning, and community in celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday! If you're flying with us today and through the weekend, you can expect to experience rhymes and costumes in our airports and the skies.
Flight Attendants may be wearing Seuss-style flair, or give a Seussian Safety announcement. They may even invite young Customers to read Dr. Seuss stories over the PA, during longer-haul flights.
Tomorrow, we'll be launching a contest on Twitter, to give away some roundtrip tickets in support of the NEA's Read Across America initiative (so put on your Seuss-related thinking caps!).
At Southwest, we consider ourselves much more than "just a business." We strive to be a good neighbor in and around the communities we serve. So grab a book and read along with us!


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