Accountability-Central “Fracking” Commentator Urges Homeowners/Landowners to Test Water Before Oil/Gas Drilling Commences Nearby

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Accountability-Central “Fracking” Commentator Urges Homeowners/Landowners to Test Water Before Oil/Gas Drilling Commences Nearby

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Accountability-Central #Fracking Commentator Urges Landowners to Test Water Before Oil/Gas Drilling Commences Nearby


Michael P. Benard--featured “fracking” commentator on the Accountability-Central web platform--warns homeowners and land owners to test their water before oil and gas drilling for shale deposits commences nearby.  If they don’t, they may jeopardize damage claims later on.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 - 3:30pm

CONTENT: Press Release

(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) New York, NY - August  30, 2011 - As the natural gas companies explore how far they can go in hydraulically-fracturing rock formations in shale deposits, one observer is cautioning homeowners and land owners to test their water before any imminent drilling commences nearby.  Not to do so is a critical mistake in protecting their legal rights should anything go amiss, environmentally.

Michael P. Benard is featured commentator on Governance & Accountability Institute ( )’s public access website, Accountability-Central ( ).

He contributes frequent commentary to the site as its “fracking” analyst in his column, “Voices from the Shale.” The Truth about Fracking is featured as a Hot Topic on Accountability Central and is a popular destination for readers.

In a just-published commentary (hyperlink here) on Accountability-Central, Benard writes: “Among the saddest regrets for property owners who believe their water is contaminated by gas drilling:  They didn’t test their water before drilling began.”

Benard cites National Geographic News: “Because [property owners] did not test their water for chemicals before drilling began, they have no baseline against which to compare any current readings. … That omission is important…."

Writes Benard:Whether property owners embrace drilling or not, anyone who expects drilling nearby and in their community should have their water professionally-tested using a certified analytical laboratory.  For most citizens, their real property is the single most valuable asset they possess.  No surprise: Contaminated water impacts property value, use and the ability to sell that property.”  And shale drillers inject thousands of gallons of toxic fluids into the ground at each operating well.

Benard in his commentary advises that water testing is not a “do it yourself”
enterprise. He summarizes: “Independent testing of your water is a positive step you can take to protect your property value should something go wrong.  Do not let the only water testing on your property be done by the gas industry.”  The commentary has tips for homeowners and land owners in “shale gas” territory.

Mike Benard is a property owner in Pennsylvania and a former gas lease owner; and he is founder of Spectra Energy Watch, a property rights blog that deals with the energy industry.  Link:

For further details and Benard’s complete and footnoted column, please access his story here.

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Mr. Benard’s initial commentaries may be accessed here.


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