AC Alert for August 1, 2011 Global Warming & Climate Change: Is Something Happening?

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Thursday, August 4, 2011 - 11:30am

"I've never been one who subscribed to that global warming and weather extreme hysteria, but after these recent weeks, I'm really beginning to wonder!"

That statement, articulated last week by an adjunct professor at a highly-renowned New York State university, typifies the comments our editors are hearing throughout the country and around the world, as weather events of historical, perhaps even biblical proportions continue:

  • The death toll from the heat wave stretching across the U.S. rose to 39 today as scorching temperatures have affected nearly half of the country's population. Some 150 million people are being seared by the relentless heat that has shattered records and led the National Weather Service to issue heat warnings for 24 states. (Source: ABC News)

  • Newark, New Jersey breaks all-time temperature record, reaches 108-degrees as heat wave continues (Source: Newark Star-Ledger)

  • Overnight storms dumped a record amount of rain on parts of the Midwest, including more than 10 inches falling on Dubuque, Iowa, prompting fears of more Mississippi River flooding. In Chicago, Illinois the storms knocked out power to more than 60,000 customers, and brought Chicago's July total rainfall to nearly 10 inches, the most in more than 120 years. (Source: Reuters

  • Torrential rain battered the South Korean capital of Seoul and surrounding regions Wednesday, causing dozens of landslides and flash floods that killed at least 32 people.Over16 inches of rain fell on Seoul in a period of 24 hours, and the weather bureau said the heavy rain would last until Friday. (Source: MSNBC)

Of course, weather extremes like these will happen from time to time. What seems unusual are the numbers of similar, severe events happening at virtually the same time throughout the world. It certainly could lend some substance to the theories which have been voiced by global warming alarmists for many years. Whether you agree with them or not, this is a subject which cannot be ignored.

Here at Accountability Central, our editors have been following the evolution of the Global Warming issue for several years in a special Hot Topics Section. We explore all sides of the issue, bringing our subscribers the very latest news, information, commentary and opinion. Here are some recent excerpts:

UK Climate Secretary: Threat of War to Increase from Climate Change
(Source: Reuters) UK Climate Secretary Chris Huhne warns of the threat of increased war and violence throughout the world from climate change.
Heavy coastal erosion in 2009-2010 winter linked to climate change
(Source: Mercury The storms that battered the US West Coast during the winter of 2009-10 eroded record chunks of shoreline, and more will likely disappear as the changing climate brings more such powerful storm seasons.

Report on Dead Polar Bears Gets a Biologist Suspended
(Source: New York Times) The federal government has suspended a wildlife biologist whose sightings of dead polar bears in Arctic waters became a rallying point for campaigners seeking to blunt the impact of global warming.

Climate Change to Dramatically Alter Yellowstone Fire Cycle
(Source: Planet Save) A study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows that climate change is going to increase the likelihood of large fires in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, to a point that could see a dramatic overall shift in the ecosystem itself including changes to animal and plant life.

This is just a sampling of the information in our Alert.  Go here for the full text of this alert, and more information on Sustainability, and other Accountability related topics.

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