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Tuesday, April 10, 2012 - 6:30pm

From rural villages to the slums of Nairobi, the Kenya Water for Health Organization (KWAHO) is on a mission. That mission is to improve the quality of water that Kenyans use at home.

KWAHO partnered with Hydration Technology Innovations (HTI) on the HydroPack™ demonstration project in Mudimbia. KWAHO workers trained the 90 households involved in the study and conducted follow up surveys to better understand their water usage and reaction to the HydroPack™.

The training and education outreach for the HydroPack™ in Mudimbia is similar to what KWAHO is doing in Kibera, a Nairobi slum that is one of the most densely populated and impoverished in the world.

To fetch water in Kibera is dangerous for young women. Rapes and killings are not uncommon. So KWAHO is teaching Kibera residents how to use the sun’s rays to disinfect water in transparent PET bottles at home. Called SODIS (Solar Water Disinfection), the process destroys bacteria and viruses present in Kibera water... KWAHO also is installing water tanks at various locations in Kibera so women can secure water near their homes, saving time and avoiding the risk of carrying water long distances at night.

Many Kibera residents live on less than $1 per day; it’s not unusual for 10 people to live in a 10-foot-by-10-foot space.

KWAHO is targeting the women and children of Kibera because they are the ones most affected by contaminated water.

Children are the ambassadors for taking home information about clean drinking water.

Women do the cooking and laundry and are the primary caregivers for the children, who are most susceptible to waterborne diseases.

KWAHO focused on women and children in the HydroPack™ project. As one KWAHO worker says, “Educate the mother and the children will follow.”

Using a membrane made from Eastman cellulosics, the HydroPack™ transforms dirty and brackish water into a hypertonic solution that provides hydration and nutrients at the same time.

The challenge for KWAHO in the Mudimbia project was not getting people to drink the HydroPack™. It was convincing them to limit the number they drink each day.

KWAHO sees the HydroPack™ as ideal for emergency relief situations and strategic to its goal of improving the quality of drinking water for Kenyans. And KWAHO is providing other African nations with a hydration education model that can be used in flooding and drought situations that now claim the lives of thousands of people each year.

There is no single solution for the world’s water problems. A range of technologies are needed. SODIS and the HydroPack™ are two of them.


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