Banorte is Painted Pink, in the Month to Fight Breast Cancer

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Banorte is Painted Pink, in the Month to Fight Breast Cancer

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Banorte is painted pink, in the month to fight breast cancer


Banorte, together with Gruma and certain Civil Society Organizations and Medical Centers, gave a conference on Breast Cancer, together with the monologue "Adam's Rib fell short," which recounts funny stories of women in the course of their lives. The Mission: Educate the collaborators on the prevention of breast cancer, which involves self-examination, diagnostic and clinical review.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011 - 2:15pm

CAMPAIGN: Valor Social

CONTENT: Press Release

(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) October 19, 2011 - The event took place this October 18th at 10:00 am, Mercedes Hidalgo from "SenosAyuda" was the first expositor. She began with a reflection of hard data: between 78% and 80% of patients attending consultation they are at an advanced stage of the disease*, so even if we think that there is sufficient spread of breast cancer prevention, the reality is other.

Among the risk factors for breast cancer they mentioned sex, age, no breastfeeding, family history, obesity, stress, sedentary lifestyle, among others; so, diet, exercise and healthy fun without guilt are very important. Allies for breast health are self-exploration, diagnostic tests (mammography, ultrasound, MRI, which the doctor says, and so on.) and clinical review.

On the other hand, it was emphasized that breast cancer is not exclusive to women, men can also be affected from the disease, therefore, self-examination is recommended every 4 months.

In the end, the audience (women and men) commits itself to be spokespersons for the prevention of breast cancer and to spend a few minutes a month for early detection of this disease. The condition for life and even the rescue of the breast is possible if detected early. Focus without guilt, to look after our health. Auto-explore yourself every month and after the age of 40 have an annual mammography.

* Source: National Center for Gender Equity and Reproductive Health of the Ministry of Health 2009.


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