Behind the Designers: Amber Marie Bently, jewelry designer

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Behind the Designers: Amber Marie Bently, jewelry designer

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Behind the Designers: Amber Marie Bently, jewelry designer


Each week we profile a new Sulusso featured designer. All of our designers have one thing in thing in common - a commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 - 8:48am

Amber Marie Bently is one busy woman, but she gave Sulusso a few minutes to share with us some insight into her sustainable jewelry company.

1.                  How did you get started in making jewelry?
I started making beaded jewelry after going into a bead store and seeing all the beautiful gems. Well, it got so popular that I decided to study gold smithing and I was hooked on jewelry making!
2.                  Sustainability in the jewelry sector is pretty rare, what inspired you to use ethically sourced gems?
I started worrying about where my stones came from as I looked deeper, the dealers didn't care and tried to play smoke and mirrors with me at the Tucson Gem Show. But, I found someone there who showed me where I could find what I was looking for. Since that first contact, I have developed good relations with these vendors and if they can't prove they are fair trade and ethically sourced, I wouldn't talk to them. My morals haven't changed!
3.       What one thing would you like all jewelry shoppers to know about traditional jewelry?
I guess I don't know how to answer this. My jewelry is so UNtraditional.
4.       Who are you outside of the founder and designer of Amber Marie Bently Jewelry?
I am a business woman and a philanthropist. My husband and I own 330,000 square feet of commercial property. I am a total bookworm and science-fiction addict. I also teach gold smithing twice a week and am an aunt of 5!
5.       Who would you be most thrilled to know is wearing your jewelry?
Someone who loves it as much as I do!
6.       How do you juggle multiple businesses and your philanthropic pursuits?
I am very organized and section out my weeks according to what is most important but I always take Mondays to make my jewelry.