Behind the Designers: Kimarie Designs, fair-trade jewelry pioneer

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Behind the Designers: Kimarie Designs, fair-trade jewelry pioneer

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Behind the Designers: Kimarie Designs, fair-trade jewelry pioneer


Each week we profile a new Sulusso featured designer. All of our designers have one thing in thing in common - a commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009 - 8:00am

We caught up with fair-trade jewelry pioneer, Kimarie Burnette of Kimarie Designs to learn more about what inspires her and why she uses fair-trade labor from Bali.

1.  How did you get started in making jewelry?

I traveled to Bali and fell in love with the art and the people.

2.  Sustainability in the jewelry sector is pretty rare, what inspired you to go fair-trade?

My friend told me people were dying refining metal in Indonesia because of the toxic chemicals, we then set about learning how to refine our own metal and establish best practices.

3.  What one thing would you like all jewelry shoppers to know about traditional jewelry?

I'd like people to know that jewelry making in Bali is a centuries old tradition that is handed down from generation to generation. All our jewelry is hand fabricated with a lot of love.

4.  Who are you outside of the founder and designer of Kimarie Designs?

A mom and wife and big fan of sushi.

5.  Who would you be most thrilled to know is wearing your jewelry?

My friends.

6.  What is the experience of working in Bali like?

Working in Bali has been amazing. My goldsmiths now our the kids of my previous set of goldsmiths that are retired and fishing now. It has been wonderful to see them grow up get married and now have to enter “the real world” have a job raise kids etc. My aesthetic and constitution seems to fit Bali like a glove. I love the organic wild and at the same time laid back and very fatalistic tones of their culture. I am able to understand it and work within it very well.

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