Blogging belongs in sustainable marketing:A Blog Peter Korchnak

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Blogging belongs in sustainable marketing:A Blog Peter Korchnak

From Sustainable Marketing Blog by Peter Korchnak. Better triple bottom line.
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Blogging belongs in sustainable marketing


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Friday, September 11, 2009 - 12:24am


Guest post by Marsha Dillon. All views in the post are the author’s alone.

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Sustainable marketing is defined as the process by which a company or business satisfies the mutual communication needs of commerce and consumer in a permanent and lasting way. In other words, future generations will be able to use the same type of techniques to achieve their advertising goals. To that end, some forms of mass advertising will always remain an Internet staple despite the emergence of what may be considered new and improved versions.

One of them is good old fashioned blogging.

With the emergence of micro blogging, i.e. the ability to use short hand text for messaging individuals either via a cell phone or web interface like Facebook or Twitter, people have begun to look at traditional blogging as a bit old hat.

However, partakers of this new fad are missing some very important points: 


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