CGI: Looking for a Partner: Must be Willing to Commit

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CGI: Looking for a Partner: Must be Willing to Commit

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CGI is a unique conference/meeting where companies and nonprofits come together to form partnerships; that means deals.
Thursday, September 23, 2010 - 8:51am

Put a bunch of executives from different companies in a room to hatch plans, write checks, and plot how to move markets, and it’s a federal crime. Add some foundations, NGOs, and myriad worthy causes, and you’ve got the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI).

The two watchwords of CGI are “partnership” and “commitment,” and those two concepts aren’t far apart. In exploring the main exhibition hall, observing the forums, or simply walking through the halls, one finds an absolutely staggering environment completely focused on collaboration. It’s all about who can do what for whom. It feels like a combination of bustling marketplace, business conference, and tent revival: at any moment a clutch of people might stand up and declare they’re going to “invest $55 million in internet and mobile technologies to advance government transparency and economic empowerment,” as the Omidyar Network and others did.  Although there is in fact tremendous advance planning to each of the many commitments, the feeling of exuberance permeates.

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