CSC Thought Leadership: How CIOs Can Help Curb e-Waste

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CSC Thought Leadership: How CIOs Can Help Curb e-Waste

Featuring CSC's Head of Environmental Sustainability, Candace Labelle
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CSC Thought Leadership: Read how CIOs can help curb e-waste:


CSC's Candace Labelle, director-CSC Greenway, our environmental sustainability program, talks about several ways CIO's can reduce the growing problem of eWaste in this month's Computerworld Magazine.

Monday, November 7, 2011 - 11:00am


Many have seen it: that picture of a small child playing in a heap of discarded metal scraps and wires in a Third World country. Images such as these have raised awareness about a fact of life in the computer era that's tainting corporate brands and creating a huge environmental problem: electronic waste.
From cellphones to servers, electronics discarded due to real or perceived technological obsolescence are a mounting concern around the world. Why? In part, it's because millions of devices, developed with large investments of energy and natural resources, are finding their way into landfills that are not equipped to deal with the hazardous materials used in electronics. Discarded electronics not only represent missed opportunities for recycling precious metals (ferrous metal, aluminum, copper); they also release toxic materials (mercury, cadmium, lead) into our land, water and air.

What role does a CIO play in controlling e-waste? CIOs manage or heavily influence many areas of the business that play a role in the disposal of electronic equipment.

Read more about how they can help in this article from ComputerWorld, featuring CSC's director of CSC Greenway, our environmental sustainability program, Candace Labelle.



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