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CSR & the Job Hunt: Just A Different Measure of Success - A blog by Aman Singh

Aman Singh is the CSR Editor at Vault.com, where she focuses on how corporate diversity practices and sustainability translate into recruitment and strategic development. Her blog, In Good Company, discusses on many of these issues.
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Monday, May 17, 2010 - 5:06pm


Last week I discussed how new graduating classes are prioritizing corporate responsibility in their job search. Citing an inter-generational study I am conducting with recent graduates focusing on sustainability in their job search, here's what I wrote:

"These graduates, who represent a diversity of professional experience and industries—and ages--unanimously admit that a company's commitment to CSR is a top priority for them. If you're thinking they're being too idealistic, think again. As they go through their job search, these graduates are aware of reality: There remains a wide disconnect between companies and colleges regarding the importance of CSR as a skill set. Despite this, they are continuing to plug ahead."

People clearly felt strongly about the post and several cared enough to write in with their comments and perspectives; a testament to the buzz corporate responsibility is creating in the marketplace for job seekers as well as working professionals. They all presented insightful perspectives, all worth exploring. One such commentator was Ruhi Shamim, who wrote at length about the obvious disengagement between new graduating classes and employers' priorities in CSR. I encouraged her to put her thoughts into a blog post because in many ways, her argument hits at the heart of the debate surrounding the job market. She said, "Companies must realize how key messages in business education are shifting, in order to bridge the gap between senior level employees and the “new” more socially-inspired bunch, and create a comfortable, efficient, and productive work culture."

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