CSR over time: how has the CSR job market evolved?

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CSR over time: how has the CSR job market evolved?

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Thursday, June 24, 2010 - 10:00am

CSR over time
Acre have been conducting the Corporate Responsibility Salary Survey in partnership with consultancy Acona and CSR newsletter Ethical Performance since 2007.  This exclusive research has provided us with the opportunity to identify what changes have occurred to the CR job market in the UK over the last three years, as it has evolved from a relatively niche sector to an increasingly important business function for all areas of industry.

Overall salary levels have been static over the last three years. However, there is some evidence that salaries for the most senior employees – both in-house and consultants – have fallen back slightly over the last 12 months while the middle ranks have enjoyed an increase.

Activity focus
The top three areas of activity for in-house employees have remained consistent over the three surveys – Stakeholder Engagement, Reporting and Environment. Consultants continue to focus on Reporting followed by Auditing & Assurance and Community Investment.

Gender split and pay differences
While women working in CR in the UK continuously outnumber men by about 2:1, there is no evidence that the pay gap identified in previous surveys is narrowing. Women continue to dominate in Community Investment roles while men focus on activities relating to Climate Change and Environment.

You can review all the full CR Salary Survey Reports online at www.crsalarysurvey.com

For more information, visit Acre at www.acre-resources.com.