The Compass Fellowship with The Kenneth Cole Foundation - Seeking Applications

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The Compass Fellowship with The Kenneth Cole Foundation - Seeking Applications

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ATTN FRESHMEN: become part of the @CompassFellows community where freshmen learn to change the world. #socent
Monday, August 29, 2011 - 12:30pm


The Compass Fellowship, now in its second year of growth and in partnership with The Kenneth Cole Foundation, is seeking the most ambitious, passionate freshmen students in 12 campuses worldwide to learn how to be effective social entrepreneurs.  

It's an exciting process: almost 2,000 will apply, but, given 15 fellowship openings per campus, only the best 180 will be selected. Think of it as Survivor or Dancing With the Stars meets Social Entrepreneurship. It will be epic.

Once selected, Compass Fellows will join the incredible Compass Community, a growing global network of young, passionate, fun-loving, and like-minded social innovators. They will work alongside unreasonably committed peer Mentors on their campus and be granted numerous opportunities to interact with business leaders locally and nationally. Together, Compass Fellows and Mentors will form a tight-knit community of student leaders on their campus, actively seeking to change the world together. 

The strength of the program really is this Compass Community, which will:

  • Connect Fellows with peer Mentors who will inspire them to think adventurously

  • Provide Fellows with resources to empower them live and work consciously

  • Demand that Fellows participate proactively, pushing them to start a social venture and learn by doing.

Through our peer-driven curriculum based on personal development and the philosophy that talented people learn best by doing, Fellows are inspired, pushed, and empowered to start their very own social venture during their freshmen year of college. Through our community, these freshmen will have access to countless resources and a tremendous network of social entrepreneurs and business leaders. They will develop friendships hands-on experience and  that will alter how they see and work in the world forever after.

To learn more about the Compass Fellowship with The Kenneth Cole Foundation and why we love what we do and you should, too, please visit:

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