Creating Sustainability Incentives within the Supply Chain

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Creating Sustainability Incentives within the Supply Chain

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Creating #Sustainability Incentives within the Supply Chain by @TaigaCompany #SCM
Monday, June 14, 2010 - 4:37pm


We have all heard and probably experienced the old adage: if you put the right tools in the right hands, great things can happen.  In our sustainability consulting experience, we have personally observed this to be true with the advances in supply chain thinking over the years.  As we move into a new era, the tools and incentives continue to push forward.

Progressive supply chain approaches over the past few decades has move us beyond the traditional win/loose mentality; wherein, negative outcomes where passed along to suppliers.  More recently organizations have seen the value in aligning supply chain goals in a now common win/win framework.  As sustainability concepts begin to emerge within supply chain discussion, companies continue to push for win/win progress.
The growing focus on Supply Chain Management (SCM) as a strategic function within the organization has proven to be opportunity to reduce cost and add value to the bottom line. Click here to continue reading.
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