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Curating Sustainable Solutions - A blog by Nathan Schock

Nathan Schock is constantly seeking to learn how companies and organizations can better communicate their sustainability initiatives and the role that communications plays in convincing people to choose more environmentally friendly options. His personal
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Monday, November 30, 2009 - 10:35am


As I have said in previous posts, managing the stream of green communications info online is not easy. My attempts thus far have been the Green Communicators list on Twitter and the Green Communications bundle on Google Reader. They're not perfect, but they're where I go to get the news I need.

But that's the large end of the funnel (see crude artwork to the left). Once you have identified the stream of information coming in (although you're never really done, the stream must be constantly managed), how do you present it on the other end? What does the small end of the funnel look like?

Let's put this another way. For the sake of the argument, pretend that my two lists above are the complete and best sources for information on green communications (I know that's a big stretch, but stay with me). Even with that stream of information gathered in two places, it still represents 49 feeds and 128 twitterers. That's a lot for anyone to wade through, which would explain why only 16 people have subscribed to the Google Reader bundle and 35 people are following the Twitter list.

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