Do You Speak Green? Green Lingo for the 4th of July

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Do You Speak Green? Green Lingo for the 4th of July

Blog by Julie Urlaub, Founder and Managing Partner at Taiga Company
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Saturday, July 3, 2010 - 10:43am


July Fourth is a time to celebrate our nation's birth.  It's also a time of fun gatherings among family, friends, and neighbors.  While you may be looking forward to your annual 4th of July party, if you are like many, the thought of attending that same old holiday party may not be all that exciting.  Most of us would like to engage in pleasant and interesting conversation but can often find that to be a challenge.  As a change, why not add a little spark in your conversations and leverage ‘sustainability’ as the ultimate conversation starter?

  • It's a wonderful opportunity to engage others in the sustainability conversation.  Spice up the discussion with some personal topics of eco awareness.  Any one of the typical party conversations can be a means to exploring sustainability concepts.

  • Want to talk about the weather?  Grow that typical conversation about local weather patterns into an expanding discussion about climate change.  Take the lead and solicit opinions about global warming, pollution, emissions, or a host of other environmental issues and opportunities related to the weather.  Explore possible solutions and eco actions to take.

  • Want to talk about work?  Turn that uninspiring workplace problem into an exploration of business sustainability solutions.  Leverage those issues into a discussion of business innovation, operational efficiencies, or exciting new technologies.

  • Want to talk about family and children?  Explore conversations about green living, eco travel, or fun green activities for the kids.

  • Want to talk about projects around the house?  There is a number of topics to choose from, either through personal experience or thoughts of doing in the future.  As a starter, energy efficiency is always a conversation starter for home improvement projects and appliance upgrades.

Have fun with it, see where the conversation goes, and applaud you for mingling sustainably and sharing eco awareness with others!  For more blog posts by Taiga Company, click here.


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