Earth Day 2012 GOODIE Awards Nominees

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Earth Day 2012 GOODIE Awards Nominees

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Friday, April 20, 2012 - 6:45pm

CAMPAIGN: The Earth Month 2012 GOODIE Awards


Generation Seven Wine harvests more than good taste
This company makes wines to celebrate family, friends and the connections that are created while sharing food and wine. Seven generations of their family have been born into this way of life and they are committed to the seventh generation sustainability ecological concept that urges the current generation to live sustainably and work for the benefit of the seventh generation into the future. Vote and read more >>

Mountain Equipment Co-op
Mountain Equipment Co-Op donates 1% of their annual gross sales to do good for Canada. In 2007, this company was the first major retailer in Canada to join 1% For The Planet, an alliance of businesses that believe in providing financial support to environmental initiatives. Vote and read more >>

State Farm celebrates the choice of carpooling for 1/3 of its employees
“Carpooling is certainly a commuting choice that benefits the environment and also enhances the work life balance of our employees who can save money and reduce personal stress by sharing the drive into work.” John Bordignon, media relations spokesperson for State Farm. Vote and read more >>

Save the Bottles. Save the Sticks. Save the Planet
Elmer’s Glue encourages students and teachers to turn their empty bottles and sticks into environmentally fulfilling lessons with their Glue Crew Recycling Program®.  Vote and read more >>

Buy some coffee, plant some trees
Reunion Island Coffee plants 2 trees for every pound of coffee sold on its website. This Canadian company has such a large number of sustainability programs and initiatives that they use the umbrella term “Reach” to encompass them all.  Vote and read more >>

Q Water: Rethink Fresh
A running count on their website shows over 10,513,927 decanters filled and bottles saved and that number just keeps on going up with over 250 restaurants on board across Canada.  Vote and read more >>

CAA will assist you on the road, on the spot to fix your bike
The Canadian Automobile Association is known among motorists for their roadside assistance for motor vehicles with services such as tire changes and vehicle towing.  Launched in May of 2010, their Bike Assist program will now offer similar services to their members who need help on their bikes.  Vote and read more >>

Studio PH collects hair to clean up oil spills
One local salon is making a difference by adopting an environmentally conscious attitude to running their business. With the help of Green Circle Salons, Sudio PH has now dedicated seven years into being environmentally friendly. Last month alone, they kept 60 pounds of hair foils, colour tubes, paper and plastic out of the landfill.  Vote and read more >>

Seed Messaging: Save Paper. Save Trees. Save the Planet
With the use of 100% Eco-Friendly tree free paper made of stone, Seed Messaging grows results for its client’s campaigns while making a difference for the future of our planet. Their seed sticks are biodegradable plant tags, made from mineral rock paper which have the look of paper but is not made from wood pulp.  Vote and read more >>

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CAMPAIGN: The Earth Month 2012 GOODIE Awards