Eco Consultant Training Course Announces Rewarding New Affiliate Program

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Eco Consultant Training Course Announces Rewarding New Affiliate Program

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 - 5:30pm

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(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) SAN DIEGO— Eco Institution LLC, a San Diego-based environmental education firm, today announced the launch of a rewarding and innovative new affiliate program aimed at the booming environmental industry—and at the “green jobs” sector in particular.

The new affiliate program is focused on the promotion and sale of the Eco Institution’s new Eco Consultant Certification Course—one of the most comprehensive “green training” courses ever developed. The 12-unit online course provides certification-based training designed to help entrepreneurs, business professionals, and other individuals to launch, market, and build a lucrative Eco Consulting practice in their local communities. Targeted clients for Eco Consultants’ services include homeowners, small and midsize businesses, schools, churches, and other local nonprofit organizations.

A Rewarding, Accelerating Payment Structure

The Eco Institution Affiliate Program operates, at its most fundamental level, much like any other high-end Internet affiliate program. Potential affiliates visit the Eco Institution web site at:

in order to review the details of the program and to sign up. Once registered, affiliates can choose from a variety of banner sizes and styles, and easily place links into their web sites or blogs by pasting snippets of code into their web pages.

As with most affiliate programs, clicks from the affiliate partner’s web site are carefully tracked in order to ensure that affiliates receive full credit for all of their referrals. Referral credits remain active for 30 days so that affiliates are given credit for signups even if they do not occur immediately after a potential client visits the Eco Institution site. Affiliate partners may view clicks, sales, and payment information in real-time at the Eco Institution affiliate control panel.

The unique and most exciting part of the Eco Institution Affiliate Program, however, is its payout structure. Whereas most affiliate programs pay an average of as little as $5 to $10 per sale (and sometimes less), the Eco Institution program pays a full $50 per course sold. And in a marked distinction from conventional affiliate programs, payments under the Eco Institution program accelerate with greater activity. The $50 payment applies to the first two course sold in any month. The third and fourth courses sold per month will net the affiliate partner $100 each. And the fifth course and each additional course sold during a given calendar month will generate a commission of $125 per sale.

Ideal for Any Environmental or Job-Centered Affiliate

The Eco Institution Affiliate Program is ideal for any online partner who is involved in either environmental or job-related information, issues, or products. Potential affiliate partners include:

•    Environmental news and blog sites
•    Green living news and blog sites
•    Green energy news and blog sites
•    Environmental and conservation group web sites
•    Real estate, architecture, landscaping, and interior design sites
•    E-commerce sites selling green products, gardening goods, and hardware
•    Career advice and job-training sites
•    Job posting boards
•    Local chambers of commerce
•    Web directories covering any of the above subjects

One powerful selling point of the Eco Institution’s Eco Consulting Certification Course is the program’s high level of credibility. The course was designed and written by Kevin Hopkins, former Director of the White House Office of Policy Information and former senior policy counsel to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. In addition, Mr. Hopkins has served as a senior contributing editor to Business Week magazine; the world’s most widely read business publication, for the past two decades. “We believe that Eco Consultant training and certification will be vital to protecting our planet and safeguarding our children’s futures,” declared Mr. Hopkins, who also has written widely on environmental and energy issues.

As the latest and most prominent entry into the burgeoning field of Eco Consulting, the Eco Institution’s Eco Consultant Certification Course is almost certain to be in high demand. A June 23, 2009, article in the San Francisco Chronicle noted that there were currently about 3,000 Eco Consultants currently operating in the United States, including architects, interior designers, and real estate agents. The Eco Institution hopes to double this number within the next 18 months, and to extend the profession beyond the borders of the United States into Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

“The need for experienced and well-trained Eco Consultants has never been greater,” says the Eco Institution’s Mr. Hopkins. “The U.S. government’s economic stimulus package contained nearly $80 billion for ‘green initiatives,’ including green energy and green transportation projects. If these efforts are to succeed, they will require an army of Eco Consultants in local communities trained and ready to help homeowners, business owners, and organizations to put the ideas into practice.” Indeed, the Obama Administration has projected that the U.S. government’s green initiatives will create from 500,000 to one million new “green jobs” over the next few years—and all of those who pursue these jobs are potential candidates for purchasing the Eco Consulting Certification Course as well.

Course Certification and Contents

Becoming certified through the Eco Institution’s new Eco Consultant Certification Course requires hard work and effort, but is well within the reach of both experienced business owners and business professionals as well as business-savvy employees, college students, and homemakers seeking additional income. The Eco Institution sets no fee structures that its trained and certified Eco Consultants are required to charge and makes no guarantees of any specific income stream, but many Eco Consultants currently earn from $100 to $400 per home or business audit, and several hundred dollars or more from follow-on work with the same client. Additionally, Eco Consultants choose their company’s own name and location, set their own hours, and determine which specific services they will offer and how much they will charge. There are no sales territories or sales quotas. Eco Consultants also keep 100% of whatever they earn from clients, and do not have to pay a “sales commission” or licensing fee to the Eco Institution for ongoing use of Eco Institution materials.

The Eco Consultant certification process has been designed for maximum flexibility and adaptability to the needs of individual Eco Consultant trainees. Employing the latest in web-based instructional technology, the Eco Consultant Certification Course is available online, and can be studied at the student’s own pace and on his or her own schedule. The 12-unit introductory course covers such substantive topics as energy conservation, water conservation, green transportation, and recycling, as well as such practical subjects as auditing a home or business, operating and marketing an Eco Consulting practice, and becoming a community environmental advocate. More advanced courses (which also will be eligible for affiliate promotion once they are released) will cover environmental, energy-conservation, and engineering topics in even greater depth, and will help to prepare students to secure their globally recognized LEED certification.

Each of the introductory course’s 12 units also includes a detailed, easy-to-read text-based lesson, and is accompanied by a series of thought-provoking exercises as well as phone- and email-based access to a professional Eco Consulting Coach who will guide students through both the substantive and practical aspects of setting up and building their Eco Consulting practice. An optional but highly prized feature of the Eco Institution’s offerings is an information-rich “Startup Kit,” which includes dozens of professionally designed client handouts, worksheets, auditing guides, and marketing and promotional tools—all of which can be private-labeled with the Eco Consultant’s name and contact information. The Startup Kit also includes placards and posters that Eco Consultants can display at homes or businesses that they have audited, which document that these structures have been “green-certified.”

Signing Up for the Eco Consultant Certification Course

Signing up for the Eco Institution Affiliate Program couldn’t be easier. Interested parties should visit the Eco Institution web site at in order to learn more.  Prospective affiliates may email any questions to For more information regarding this news release or the Eco Consulting Certification Course itself, please contact Kevin Hopkins at

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