Economic Recovery: Business Sustainability Risk or Opportunity?

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Economic Recovery: Business Sustainability Risk or Opportunity?

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Economic Recovery: #Business #Sustainability #Risk or Opportunity? by @TaigaCompany #SCM
Tuesday, June 22, 2010 - 3:40pm


As we move forward into a new age of expanded eco awareness, the business practices of the past continue to evolve to meet shifting global expectations of the future.  This forward business sustainability progress can already be seen in the constantly evolving supply chain.  With consumer expectations always present on the front-end, legislative and resource pressures are being felt from all sides. However, does a rebounding economy just beyond the horizon present the next big supply chain risk or a business opportunity? 

In a recent report from CEB – Risk Integration Strategy Council, an updated supply chain risk matrix was examined.  With the usual concerns still present, some surprising factors rising to the top may be signaling a positive shift for business.
As we all know, economic pressures continue to remain the most immediate concern for most companies.  However, CEB has identified talent risk and competitive pressures to be among the highest and most probable impact areas to be addressed by year’s end.   This may be yet another signal for companies to begin to plan for a business growth environment.   Are you ready?
To respond to the competition in a market recovery, businesses will need to reevaluate both internal and external resources.  Some key questions for your supply chain in a rebounding economy: click here to continue reading.

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