Energize employees and strengthen your company through employee volunteering - a presentation of the Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series

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Energize employees and strengthen your company through employee volunteering - a presentation of the Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series

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Can U energize employees & strengthen yr company through employee volunteering? Find out Nov 10, 5pm Toronto http://3bl.me/r2btev


The Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series was launched in 2007 to dispel the myth that sustainability is a cost to business and to share the experiences of companies that have found success by embracing sustainability as part of their corporate vision.

The speaker series offers an atmosphere of mutual learning, with good discussions and relevant examples of how to actually get started and what steps to take to properly build a successful sustainability strategy.

Monday, October 18, 2010 - 9:00am

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The Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series Presents:

Energize employees and strengthen your company through employee volunteering

 Featuring Chris Jarvis of Realized Worth

 As corporations jump on the volunteering band wagon, nonprofits are frantically trying to manage the influx. Incidentally, both are finding themselves a little frustrated. Corporations make a lot of (sometimes unreasonable) requests of nonprofits when it comes to setting up the ideal volunteer experience for their employees. The result is often less than satisfying for all involved: the company, the nonprofit, and the employees.

In this session we’ll examine why employee volunteering is becoming more important to companies and what nonprofits can offer. Beginning with the “why”, we’ll discover what companies want - and why they want it. We'll also examine what nonprofits need to do in order to become valued parnters to large companies looking to invest in their communities. This process will guide us to the solutions that are better for nonprofits, communities, and companies.

 About the speaker:

Chris Jarvis is the Co-Founder and Senior Consultant for Realized Worth located in Toronto, Canada. Chris' expertise is in designing and implementing Employee Volunteer Programs. Over the past 20 years, I've worked alongside NPO's across North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia utilizing a model that elevates volunteerism from a task-oriented activity to a transformative experience.

Recently, Chris and his partner, Angela, acted as advisers in the writing of “Mapping Success in Employee Volunteering: The Drivers of Effectiveness for Employee Volunteering and Giving Programs and Fortune 500 Performance”; produced by Boston College and authored by Bea Boccalandro. They also act as expert writers and video bloggers on several websites including Businessfightspoverty.com, Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, and 3blmedia.com. Chris and Angela recently finished collaborating on the book, 'CSR for HR', a comprehensive guide to Corporate Social Responsibility for HR managers.


Chris Jarvis
Realized Worth
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