Executive Order 13514 Will Affect Small and Large Businesses In the U.S.

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Executive Order 13514 Will Affect Small and Large Businesses In the U.S.

Sustainability Officer
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The current practice of haphazard Greening efforts needs to give way to a legitimate process of corporate Greening.   Each Green Officer will learn how to use our checklist program to progressively move the company into an authentic Green program.  This will be rewarded by the ability to earn one of the most recognized Green business certifications in America.

Thursday, November 5, 2009 - 5:00pm

In case you haven’t heard, President Obama has recently signed Executive Order 13514, which moves the Green issue several steps forward. This executive order is an extension of George Bush’s executive order 13423. While President George W. Bush issued executive order 13423 covering climate change issues, the significant difference between the Obama Executive Order on climate change and the previous one concerned the focus on the primary problem – greenhouse gas reduction. Agencies must now monitor and report their GHG output and comply with other environmental requirements. It must be noted that the order impacts government agencies, but can the same mandates for corporations in America be far behind?

Other notable inclusions are the requirements for a “Steering Committee” and a “Sustainability or Green Officer” to be installed. A casual reading of the executive order will reveal a few very interesting insights. Many of the demands are very reasonable. The use of duplex mode for printers, purchasing Energy Star equipment, and a reduction of our potable water. The tracking of Green House Gases (GHG) is yet another interesting step into a new pattern of operation.

Many may not be aware of a 2007 Supreme Court decision that required the EPA to regulate green house gases under the powers already vested with the EPA under the Clean Air Act. The little known fact is that the Cap and Trade legislation is not necessary because the basic tools needed for control of carbon emissions are already in place. EPA has been slow to step up to the plate on this because it is an immense new responsibility that still lacks guidelines and compliance regulations.

Some may feel satisfied that the new executive order applies only to government agencies, and such assurance is misleading. The stars are aligning for more invasive Green regulations. We will see the demand for Green buildings continue, but the recession is hurting this except in the governmental sector. What we are watching is the gradual movement to the inclusion of Green Practices. This is where the strength of the Green Business League comes into play. While others are focused on green house gases, carbon offsets, alternative power, and construction issues; the Green Business League has built one of the greatest field forces in the country with nearly 300 trained Certified Green Consultants nationally. Their mission is quite simply, Green Practices.

Green Practices are seen as a universal solution to a universal problem. A business need not own the building in order to earn a credible Certified Green Business status. By looking at the everyday practices of any kind of business, Green consultants identify hundreds of possible improvements in the daily operation. Every Green Practice is given a point value that can add up to enough points to earn the GBL Green business certification. Unlike so many other Green programs offered online, this certification is “Earned, not Bought” according to the requirements of the Green Business League.

Two issues will eventually begin to spread over to aspiring Green businesses. These issues are the installation of a Green committee and a Green Office whose task it is to prepare an honest Green plan for the company. Too often such committees resemble the same committee that planned the company picnic, and have possessed only marginal training for the task. It seems obvious that the Green officer or Green committee must move from a casual or low-impact effort to a serious part of every company’s operation. It doesn’t matter if the person is a Sustainability officer or Green officer, the all-too-clear message is that business must take the leadership in Green programming or face an increasing regulatory pressure.

Businesses can resolve the Green or Sustainability Officer problem in one of two creative and effective ways. Send your key in-house person or persons to the Green Officer Training program that is offered as a broad scope environmental training program online. Or hire an outsourced expert as an economical way to have a high quality professional working with your company. Both options bring the added benefit of a comprehensive planning program that addresses all the concerns found in executive order 13514, and a few more. As this mandate goes from a voluntary issue to federal requirement on all businesses, your firm will already be in full compliance.

Businesses across America should make no mistake about the pressure that is coming to create certified Green businesses. We see it rising as a hot issue on the horizon, but we will soon be at high noon for Green compliance. The Obama administration does not care about the economic slowdown. They are passing rules and using their clout to press their agenda into place. One thing is sure. It is best not to wait for these regulations to hit your business all at once. It is the smart move to get your Green program out of the greenwashing phase and into the Green practices program. The Green Business League is the best way to make this happen. Designate your Green officer right away, either by using the Green Officer Training program or by requesting the assistance of a Certified Green Consultant. In the end, we will all be winners, and your company will discover an unexpected benefit. All GBL trained personnel know how to make Green pay huge dividends. Going Green as a business is also a way to save a great deal of money, increase productivity, and create a great marketing opportunity. It is suggested that businesses lead, not follow, this Green revolution.

This is the first online training for Sustainability (Green) Officer Training.  This will kick off on Monday November 9th, 2009, and there is no firm time limit to complete the course although we schedule a two week cycle as a normal experience.  There are a series of recorded training classes that the student may take at their leisure, and three live classes that will be archived in the event that the student misses the broadcast.

Upon registration, the student will receive access to pre-class orientation materials.  Prior to class, the student will be able to download and print the study materials.  Upon completion of a prescribe set of tasks, the Sustainability Officer Certificate will be sent to the student.  This is a great credential on your professional resume.
We are limiting this class, so it is very important to make your reservation right away.  Due to bandwidth requirements, we must buy the Internet capability in advance. 

Upon registration, you will receive notice of your reservation and some early recommendations that will help you prepare for a very rewarding experience as the classes begin.

The registration fee is $250, and the remaining $1345 is due and payable by the start of class.  We provide a 100% money back guarantee for all students if you find that the course is not everything we had promised.  We fully expect that you will be exceedingly pleased with the volume of information, professional content, and breadth of subject matter.  To sign up or for more information go to www.sustainabilityofficertraining.com