Free Book Available for Green Startups and Entrepreneurs

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Free Book Available for Green Startups and Entrepreneurs

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Free Book Available for Green Startups


The Startup Guide for Greenpreneurs has been released as a free download to assist aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to launch green-focused ventures.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009 - 7:03am

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October 7, 2009 – For those considering starting a green-focused business, the just released Startup Guide for Greenpreneurs is a must-read. Information-packed, it outlines the green business startup from A to Z, including how to thrive in the green marketplace, the basics of raising capital and marketing, and how to survive in the years ahead.

Startup Guide for Greenpreneurs includes insightful information on:

- Three essential skills of successful greenpreneurs
-  Step-by-step startup instructions
-  How greenpreneurs will change the dynamics of business
-  Where to find funding for your green startup
-  Greenpreneur business plan checklist
-  The five keys to green marketing success
-  Pitfalls to avoid during the startup process
-  Recommended green resources

The release of Startup Guide for Greenpreneurs comes at a time when social responsibility and climate change are at the forefront in today’s business and political arenas. Businesses and entrepreneurs must accept responsibility for their actions and become leaders in reducing their organizational energy consumption. Customers are demanding this and sustainable business practices will soon be a requirement for conducting business rather than an option. Additionally, innovation and new technologies within the green sector will be key economic driving forces in the years ahead. Entrepreneurs can capitalize on these changing market dynamics by starting green-focused organizations right now. Startup Guide for Greenpreneurs has been written for those entrepreneurs and thought-leaders that will bring real change to our world in coming years.      
Startup Guide for Greenpreneurs is available for free download at and may be added as a free resource to websites/blogs.
About the Author
JD Carr is the co-founder of and is an expert on environmental strategy for green-focused organizations. JD is a Certified Green Broker® and specializes in commercial building sustainability and finance. A vocal advocate for environmental issues, JD writes and lectures frequently on the subject and is committed to helping greenpreneurs realize the positive goals their organizations can achieve through sustainable business practices.


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CONTENT: Press Release