Free Green Training Courses For Janitorial Services

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Free Green Training Courses For Janitorial Services

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010 - 11:00am

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(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) May 19, 2010 - The janitorial business is one of the most competitive businesses that I know.  Figuring out how to stay on top is not easy and the Green Clean Institute (GCI) believes that education is always an advantage.  GCI has prepared a series of free articles and courses for our visitors.  They are exciting ideas that deserve your attention.  If you like these offerings, I think you will like our other training programs even more!  All of the free training courses and articles are extremely valuable and teach green practices. The paragraphs below are some of the free articles and courses that the Green Clean Institute offers.

Free Microfiber Training Course is basically about a product that is best used in cleaning applications by combining two basic fibers, Polyester and Polyamide.   These fibers are then “split” and formed into a blend of 80% Polyester, and 20% Polyamide.   In written form, this blend is expressed as “80/20.”  There are approximately 200,000 microfibers in one square inch of a microfiber towel.  A single strand of microfiber is so small that it is almost invisible to the naked eye.  These ultra-small fibers give the material the ability to clean surfaces and remove dust and dirt without scratching.  You can often detect a microfiber cloth because it clings to your skin as you rub it.

How to Read an MSDS for Green is about the Material Safety Data Sheet and it is written by the company that creates the chemical or a company that blends different chemicals into a chemical product. The College's electronic binder includes MSDS for pure chemicals from acetone to zinc and for chemical products such as glues, paints, cleaners, and lubricants. Although the intent is the same for all of these MSDS, to comply with the regulations and convey hazard information, there are several reasons why they vary widely in appearance.

How to Hire a Green Janitorial Service is about the issues and consequence in hiring a janitorial service will require more than a passive review of what is presented.  It is normal to sit back and let the parade of sales people, company reps, or proposals come to you.  In many cases, it is like a beauty contest as we eventually select the one that seems to impress us the most.  You will have to live with this decision for the length of the contract, or go through the hassle of breaking the contract and hiring another service.

How to Get the Most from Your Website is pretty self explanatory.  The Green Clean Institute has the authority to write an article on how to make an excellent website from spending a lot of time in the trenches.  The GCI website ( went from an obscure website in 2005 to the TOP Google website for highly competitive keywords in just one year.  We learned how the system works, and I am willing to share my secrets with you. In this course has many SEO and online marketing secrets will help you make your website very noticeable to search engines.

The Green Janitorial Checklist is about the increasing chorus of requests for more clarity on the key elements of a Green Janitorial business.  As more businesses seek out Green Certified janitorial services, there is still an obscure set of performance standards that should be met in order to fully show an operational compliance with Green cleaning standards.  This Green Certification Checklist is designed for the janitorial firm that wants to implement the critical Green Practices in the business so that the "Green Brag matches the Green Walk."

All these are free courses and the Green Clean Institute will send you one per month (like clockwork) along with some helpful information about Green cleaning processes.  Please, do not cancel your subscription, or you'll miss some really great things that we are about to announce.  We never send junk mail, and I trust you will really enjoy what the Green Clean Institute has to offer.  Of course, I do recommend our certification courses for everyone. To sign up for these Free Green courses visit the Green Clean Institute Freen Green Training website.