Fully Integrate CSR in Your Organization

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Fully Integrate CSR in Your Organization

Harvard Business School offers CSR program for Executives
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Many corporations lack a cohesive CSR strategy. #HBSEE Prof Rangan explains how to start one. http://ow.ly/c2Drv
Monday, August 13, 2012 - 2:10pm

Focused on fully integrating corporate social responsibility (CSR) throughout operations, Harvard Business School Executive Education offers Corporate Social Responsibility: Strategies to Create Business and Social Value, a program that helps you define priorities, improve decision making, manage risk, and build value for both society and your business.

Topics will include:

  • Examining new CSR models that address the next generation of social, economic, and environmental challenges
  • Learning how to implement powerful CSR strategies that position the firm and its reputation for ongoing success
  • Embedding CSR within the business culture to sustain the strategy over the long term

This program will be held October 17–20, 2012 on the HBS campus in Boston.  Learn more and apply.

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A Pragmatic Alternative for Creating a CSR Strategy

Faculty chair Kash Rangan explores why many CSR programs provide little benefit to either the community or the company—and offers a practical solution.



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