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Get in the Green Biz Blast to Connect with Green Businesses Everywhere

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Get in the Green Biz Blast with a Free Post if Your Business is Seeking or Selling Green.


The Green Biz Blast produced by Glenn Croston and Starting Up Green connects businesses seeking and selling green.  Subscribe to receive it and find new opportunities, and include a free post about the green business, product, service, event, organization, or information you are seeking or providing. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 - 1:35pm


Whatever your green business is, you probably spend a lot of time looking for things. You might be looking for hot new products to sell, greener services, new partners, investors, media exposure, or just plain old customers. Whatever it is, joining the Green Biz Blast can help you find it. 

Here’s how the Blast works:
  • Subscribe on the Starting Up Green site to receive the Green Biz Blast by email.

  • Read the email Blast when you receive it.

  • Contact businesses in the Blast that are seeking what you have, or selling what you need.

  • Sponsor a Blast for high profile promotion of your business.

  • Include a free post in the Blast about anything you are seeking or selling.

Each edition of the Green Biz Blast tells the story of a sponsor and includes posts from businesses seeking and selling green. People receiving the Blast include entrepreneurs, small business owners, opportunity seekers, students, and PR professionals. Maybe you’re one of them. When you receive the Blast, scan through the posts to see if a business catches your eye and connect with them to do business. 
The first step is subscribing with the newsletter signup form on the homepage on the site. I only use this information to send you the Starting Up Green newsletter and the Green Biz Blast, I never give the information away, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Period.
The next step is to write a post about a produce, service, event, organization, or information that you need or you have to offer. Are you looking for a more energy efficient toaster to sell? Do you need somebody to green your office, or do you provide energy efficient lighting? Do you have an event you want green entrepreneurs to know about? Whatever you are seeking or selling, write up a short one paragraph description and submit it as a post to be included in the Blast. Here’s the cool thing: posting your query in the Blast is now free, even if you are submitting a post to advertise your business. A free ad – you can’t go wrong with that. 
You can submit posts by entering your info in the Green Biz Blast form on the Starting Up Green website ( or by emailing directly to Glenn Croston:
(Note: All Blast entries are screened for appropriate content and included at the discretion of management.)
To really latch on to the most eyeballs, sponsor a Blast to get in the premium position right up at the top of the Blast, telling everyone what your business all about and what it has to offer.
For a limited time I’m even including a free sponsorship of a Blast with each 3BL free media release sent out through the partnership of Starting Up Green with 3BL, another way we’re helping green businesses to get noticed and get business. 3BL Media has a network to distribute your message out to hundreds of thousands of people or more in the CSR community and beyond. Through my partnership with 3BL I can deliver your message through their channels for a very low cost (get in touch with Glenn Croston to find out how low is low).  
So what have you got to lose? Signing up and adding a post about yourself is free, and if you like what you see you can sponsor a Blast to take things to the next level. Sponsors are in good company. Previous Green Biz Blast sponsors have included great businesses like:
  • Green Irene – July 9, 2009. Introducing Blast readers to the accessible opportunity to work as a Green Irene Eco-Consultant, bringing information and green products directly to homes and offices.

  • AMCRG – September 9, 2009. AMCRG is the developer of the innovative Epox-Z NRG cool roofing coating, saving even more time and money than competing products. The Blast let people know about the opportunity to distribute Epox-Z NRG and to use it on roofs everywhere.

  • OnlyGreen4Me – July 1, 2009. provides a ready to go, turnkey online store loaded with true green, prescreened green products. They take care of lining up products, billing, and shipping. How easy can it be?

  • Greenergy2030 – August 12, 2009. is developing an on-line community for green businesses, and providing certification services. 

  • Zola Goods – July 22, 2009. Zola Goods provides a direct sales opportunity for Coordinators who organize home parties, bringing green information and products into the home.

  • Shoplet – October 28, 2009. provides thousands of green office products and makes the switch to green products easy with their “Green Your Office Checkout”.

  • The ReUse People – August 26, 2009. The ReUse People provide training for deconstruction, taking buildings apart to reuse building materials and help people save money, save resources, and create new and better jobs. 

You could be next. Get in the Blast today to connect with green businesses everywhere. 
About Starting Up Green and Glenn Croston:
Starting Up Green helps green entrepreneurs to start and succeed with green businesses. In addition to delivering the Green Biz Blast to connect green businesses with each other, Starting Up Green provides opportunities, strategies, and practical consulting help that startups and small businesses need to succeed. Through their partnership with 3BL Media, Starting Up Green provides a low cost way for green businesses to deliver their message to hundreds of thousands or even millions of people in the CSR community.
In addition to founding Starting Up Green, Glenn Croston is a widely recognized green business expert. He is the author of “75 Green Businesses You Can Start to Make a Difference” (Entrepreneur Press, 2008), and “Starting Green: An Ecopreneur’s Toolkit to Starting and Growing a Green Business from Business Plan to Profits.” His work has been featured in the New York Times, the LA Times,,,,, and a host of other media outlets.                                                                                                                


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