Get Your Nonprofit Board Off To The Right Start In 2010

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Get Your Nonprofit Board Off To The Right Start In 2010

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With financial challenges facing nonprofits, get your board off to the right start in 2010. Dos and Don'ts.
Wednesday, January 6, 2010 - 5:30pm


Nonprofits were financially challenged in 2009 like never before, with funding cuts from all sources--government, corporate, and philanthropic (foundations and individuals), as well as fees for services.

For business people serving on nonprofit boards, here are five Dos and Don'ts to get your nonprofit board ship-shape for 2010:

DON'T waste board meeting time on minor matters, or reports that can be emailed.

  • DO focus the majority of your board meeting time on the major strategic and financial challenges and opportunities, and engage the board in discussion; be sure your board is getting relevant and concise information in advance so that you can be well prepared.

DON'T burden your board or your organization with board members who are not engaged.

  • DO move off board members who are not fully participating or bringing much-needed expertise, funding, or other significant value to the table.

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