Go Green with Your Own Certified Sustainability Officer

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Go Green with Your Own Certified Sustainability Officer

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Monday, August 2, 2010 - 4:05pm


Obviously, a company wishing to Go Green has two paths to travel. One is to adopt some form of greenwashing, or using Green business certification process.  The first one is cheaper, and frankly "worth-less" as well.  Far too many small firms have taken the wrong route by literally buying their Green certification off the Internet that is also deceiving to the public that places a measure of trust in certifications.

The reason that greenwashing has flourished is often because the legitimate programs are so expensive.  LEED, ISO, and other program are arduous and frankly a big investment that may not pay back the investment for 10 to 15 years.

There is, however, a very intelligent way to take a company of any size to environmental compliance and even a credible Green certification.  Why not train an enterprising member of your staff or management as a Certified Green Consultant or CSO?

The Sustainable Forum has instituted a training program that offers local sustainable chapters and a monthly national training program that will allow a business of any size to groom a well-schooled sustainability officer in just a few months and without missing a day of work.

The future format for a progressive business is changing, and that future has a variety of new challenges and requirements.  Most experts looking past 2012 to 2017 see a fast -paced and compliance-heavy environmental future.  Carbon accounting is coming as sure as energy rates will continue going up.

Bringing in a high-powered consulting firm is one way to accomplish the task of Greening a company, but the best Green transition plan is not one pushed into place in a rush, but a plan that has planned schedule to develop a program that allows the program to mature and meter the cost into the budget.



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