Going Back to RIO+20: Extensive Coverage of What Happened

Going Back to RIO+20: Extensive Coverage of What Happened

Articles covering the talks at RIO+20 in June 2012
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Thursday, August 23, 2012 - 6:30pm

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Rio+20 - the short name for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development took take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in June 2012 and it was yet another global conference where some of the most important topics for future generations were discussed and negotiated.

RIO+20, success or failure? The opinions have been many. Some said it was a hyped global event doomed to fail in the midst of economic turmoil, others said it was a success just getting decision-makers from all corners of the world at the negotiating table discussing tremendously important issues for humanity and our earth. Whatever is really true or not, why not go back and make up your own mind. As a major site for communication of sustainability and society Green Conduct made extensive coverage of RIO+20. Here is a snapshot of our coverage of the conference:

It’s The Green Economy, Stupid!

It is widely agreed that the Rio +20 conference was a disastrous failure. What it proved most convincingly is that the people of the world cannot have ‘the future we want’ without taking the power back from the corporations who currently dominate the global economy.

Education References In The Rio+20 The Future We Want Text

RIO + 20 Supported Education For Sustainable Development

Failure And Hope From Rio+20

Commentators are fairly unanimous that the Rio+20 talks have been a failure. Expectations had of course been low. And because of this most developed country leaders stayed away. In opening the summit Ban Ki-Moon admitted the draft outcome was “disappointing” due to the conflicting interests of member states.
The Rio+20 conference has been seen by many as largely a failure, given a tepid official statement that avoided any meaningful new action on behalf of sustainable development. Some observers, however, argue that this is the wrong focus.
Defending Rio+20: A Historical Perspective
The French writer Gustave Flaubert once provocatively suggested that “our ignorance of history makes us slander our own times”. Rio+20 is currently facing a withering level of criticism, but is all of it really warranted? After all, there is a range of clearly positive outcomes that seem to be going largely ignored.

Canada An Environmental Pariah At Rio+20

Rio+20: An Ocean Of Disappointment?

Mandatory Emissions Reporting On The UK Stock Exchange

Rio Revisited

Finding Real Economic Leadership In The Wake Of Rio+20
Twenty years after the seminal “Earth Summit” on sustainable development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil once again has hosted a “fate-of-the-earth” meeting (Rio+20) focused on the themes of a green economy and institutional change.

Interview With Elizabeth Thompson Executive Coordinator For Rio+ 20 (Video)

At Rio+20 Corporations Make A Natural Capital Declaration Pledge

Rio+20 Announcement: US Partners With CEOs To Reduce Deforestation Through Sustainable Agriculture

Clean Revolution Campaign Launched At Rio+20

Corporate Sustainability Pledges At Rio+20 UN Forum

RIO+20: Battles Won And Lost

Game Change Rio: An Interactive Model Based On System Dynamics

A Generation’s Plea For An Effective Rio

RIO+20: “Backsliding” On Women’s Rights

UN Supply Chain Sustainability Tool Introduced At Rio+20

RIO+20: The “Landscape Approach”

The Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum

Global Compact Launches Web Platform To Mobilize Business For Rio+20

3rd Global Forum For Responsible Management Education At Rio+20

Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum: Official Opening Ceremony

Christiana Figueres On UNCCD World Day To Combat Desertification And Rio+20


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