Going Green Is The Future For Every Businesses

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Going Green Is The Future For Every Businesses

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Friday, September 24, 2010 - 4:40pm

CONTENT: Press Release

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) September 24, 2010 - The Green Business League is arguably the best and most reliable Green Business Certification in the country.  We have over 300 GBL Certified Green Consultants nationwide providing guidance to local businesses and promoting network participation. The Green Business League is known for certifying any company no matter what industry they are in, but now we have set up websites to target specific industries. The three industries that we have seen the most success from are restaurants, hotels, and the auto repair industry.  That is why we made these subsections of the Green Business League to attracted specific people and companies to the Green movement.

The Green Restaurant League is a fantastic way to show your customers that your heart is in the right place.  Earning your Green restaurant certification is the best way to show your customers that your business is a leader in the community. There is more to a Green restaurant than most will imagine, and that is why our program of guidance, marketing, and certification is so important.  A restaurant is unlike most businesses in many ways and takes real skill to operate any business well.  We know that a Green restaurant must be profitable and attractive to its clients. But, now it must also be Green to appeal to a growing market segment.

One of the most challenging, but most rewarding Greening projects is the car repair industry. Thats why we made the Green Auto League because innovations in this service industry have made it possibly the best example of Green functionality in the community.  Recycling is a big part of the Green auto centers. The fluids, parts, and debris from a typical repair center are huge.

By taking your auto center through the Green Auto League certification process, you will discover that there are hundreds of great ideas, and that many of these ideas will make your business more attractive to customers and more profitable to run. It's true.  People are willing to take their business to a Green business whenever possible.  Green certification gives your company an important edge, and it shows that your company is a Green leader in the community.

There are many Green Hotel certifications are out there and none of them are credible.  This is the reason that the Green Business League created the Green Hotel League. We believe in a national Green network of businesses that provide a powerful Green Supply Chain that so many now advocate.  The Green Business League reaches businesses everywhere, and ties your Green hotel to thousands of other Green businesses.

Moreover, we believe in a credible certification.  Not one you bought online.  The Green Business League has more than 350 Certified Green Consultants who will help your hotel stand out as the only Green certified company resulting from a live audit. Having an advisor and guide for the Greening of any hotel is very helpful.  Further assistance in energy, water, and waste reduction will save the hotel money.  Carbon tracking is the next issue hotels will face, and we can help there too.

While there are choices that can be made for hotels, auto companies, and restaurants, there is one obvious and credible choice.  The Green Business League will give your company the best resource for Going Green.  The Green Business League strongly believes that a Green certification is earned, not bought.



Michael Jay
Green Business League