Green Business League's New Free Points System

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Green Business League's New Free Points System

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Instead of a mystic journey into a Green morass, GBL points allow companies anywhere to accumulated points by using Green products and services.  The silver level certification is 100 points, meaning that a company anxious to install a Green program can seek out GBL point programs that have an added value of improving the Green or sustainable impact of any business.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 - 11:00am

CONTENT: Press Release

GBL Points(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) January 6, 2010 - How do clients know the value of a Green product or service?  It would be nice if everyone was well schooled on the fundamental issues of Green and Sustainable practices, but the over-crowded nature of everyday life, makes that dream impossible.  Customers look for endorsements, certifications, and recommendations from legitimate authorities to help them easily locate a good product or service.  We are all familiar with Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, or the Energy Star program used for energy efficient appliances.

The Green Business League is already a well known name in the certification process.  The Green Business League has introduced a Green Points system that allows any company to apply for Green business certification points.  A custom designed logo is issued with the assigned points that the company can use in the promotion of its product.  The idea has real merit in a world that is often confused about the Green merit of their purchases.  The logo is awarded purely the merits of the product or service, and not merely a purchased credential.

On the other side of the program is a way for companies to accumulate Green Points toward a credible Green business certification.  The Green Business League has a standing list of Green Practices that are used by Certified Green Consultants across America and Canada.  Many of these Green Practices may not be commonly known, but now businesses can identify Green products and services at a glance when they see the GBL Green Points logo.  These means that there has been an independent review of the product’s or service’s Green merits, and an award of Green value has been assigned to the offering.

By purchasing GBL Green Points products and services a company can build credit toward the 100 point goal required for the silver level Green Business Certification.  Traditionally, a business wishing to earn an honest Green business certification would hire a Certified Green Consultant to provide the guidance of a Sustainability Plan that would map out the process required to earn the Green Business Certification.  This is now the new way for businesses to move toward their Green business certification by buying Green Points products and services.

The mystery is made less mysterious by looking for the Green Points when shopping around.  If there is any product or service that does not presently have Green Points, the process of application is very easy and requires only a $100 fee.  Frankly, this an open door to any business wishing to raise the level of play from Greenwashing to Green integrity.  There is no longer a need to make claims that have not true authority behind them.  While Green Points are not a certification or even an endorsement, they do demonstrate that the product or service being offered is deemed to have Green merit.  That merit is further substantiated by the ability of customers served being able to apply these credits toward a credible Green business certification.

The GBL Green Points system was launched on January 1, 2010, and should quickly gain popularity by hundreds and thousands of businesses who have products and services that offer obvious Green benefits.  Green Business League assures supporters that this is not a “Buy In” type of program.  The $100 price tag is simply a cost covering fee, so there is no financial incentive to pass through a high-paying applicant.  Integrity of the program is relatively transparent, not driven by special interests, or merely a website purchase.  Every GBL Green Point award comes from a serious review and clear Green merit demonstrated.

The buying public will discover that the GBL Green Points system is the ideal way to easily locate a Green product or service.  When this seal is in use, it means that there has been an independent review.  This is not a laboratory analysis but a practical review of the expected value of the product or service in the workplace.  One of the recent Green Points awards went to EcoStrip, a manufacturer of a unique type of power strip.  The Green Business League awarded EcoStrip 5 Green Points for each of these strips with a maximum of 25 points for multiple purchases.  Any company purchasing the EcoStrip product is assured that it has 5 points, and up to 25 points, as it moves toward a Green business certification.  What can be appreciated about this system is that every company can participate at its own speed; no two companies will apply the exact same tools, but there is palpable and obvious environmental improvement.  This stands out as a far better system than the guesswork claims presently in use.

The Green Business League invites all providers to request an evaluation of their product or service.  There is no guarantee of Green Points award if there is no evident Green merit to the offering.  There is a practical viewpoint at work that asks the Green value question for any application.  Green Points are awarded based upon where the offering will improve the environmental performance of the user.  This is not a technical matter that is done a laboratory, but a pragmatic evaluation of the good accomplished by the product or service.  For these reason, Green Points assessment can be accomplished in less than 30 days.

Companies eager to receive their GBL Green Points award may apply for the program at the Green Business League website.  Any application that does not receive a GBL Green Points award will be fully refunded.  Expect a 30 day cycle for the process to be completed.