Green Clean Institute Is The #1 Green Janitorial Certification Firm

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Green Clean Institute Is The #1 Green Janitorial Certification Firm

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Becoming a legitimately Green janitorial company is earned, not bought. If you are interested go to


The janitorial business is no longer a mop and bucket project. With greater demands for Green Clean Certification by government, schools, and public buildings, it can bring in new business or cost you a valuable account. This designation will become more valuable year after year, and it will be required for numerous janitorial jobs. Businesses are increasingly asking, "Is your service Green Clean certified?" That does not come from Green products on the carts.

Sunday, November 1, 2009 - 10:00am

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To be honest, you will find that the Green Janitorial businesses presently hold a smaller percent of the market in today’s world, but that is predicted to change to the majority of accounts in the next two years.  Green cleaning is a change that will not go away, and will impact your business.

Green Cleaning is a health issue that has broader implications for the world at large.  This is not an OJT issue like how to mop a floor or clean a commode. Your business involves what they call Green Practices that require that your staff be trained and certified for public confidence in the professionalism of your company.

Green Clean Institute Certified is a validation of your company's commitment to offer Green services. Why pretend to be a Green janitorial service when you can easily qualify your company and get national recognition as a GCI certified firm.  Dun & Bradstreet now lists all Green Clean Institute certified firms under their Green Company listing!

Some firms feel that it is enough to claim Green status by self-appointment or by virtue of a few Green products on their cleaning carts. "Greenwashing" refers to the desire to claim a Green quality without the credibility of training, peer-review, or certification.  Firms that have participated in the Green Clean Institute Certified™ program have proven their dedication to Green and provided for the integration of Green training throughout their operation. 

Consider the growing pressure in the marketplace for businesses to "Go Green." These firms are looking for more than self-appointed firms who may, or may not, use Green products.  Green Businesses want trained and certified janitorial firms that bring a recognizable Green service to their program. As cities strive to become Green Cities, you are going to see more and more firms asking for Green credentials from their service providers.  There is no better credential than Green Clean Institute Certified™ for your janitorial service.

The Green Edge means that you have the ability to impress potential and existing customers with a powerful credential that the others lack.  Green Clean Institute has numerous reports that the inclusion of a GCI Firm certification in the bids process has brought the business to these Green certified janitorial services.  What is the value of one, two, or more successful bids to your company? Can you afford to watch a great account go to the competition who is Green Clean Institute certified.  You know, Green certification will never be as affordable as it is right now, and it will be an issue in more and more bids.  Don't be a Green pretender.  Get Green Clean Institute Certified™ today.

Individual Green Clean Certified is your credential for the small business or those who want to invest in their Green knowledge. They have three levels of individual certification, and they all start with GCIC Technician. The price is right, the material is excellent, and your certification is just two steps away

Firm Certification is the best recommendation for any Janitorial firm.  Your clients will be impressed with your dedication to the Green Clean program as you earn a Green Clean Institute Firm designation.  They have a simple program to make your firm a Green Janitorial firm.

For the first time ever, they now offer a Green Clean Institute Residential certification for individuals. This is an exciting and unique course of study for residential services wishing to develop their Green identity. This course offers one extensive module of comprehensive training, and one exam. 

If you are interested having your janitorial company certified by a legitimate Green certification firm then Green Clean Institute can help. Green Clean Institute is a professional Green certification firm that believes becoming Green is not bought, but earned. Change is coming in the janitorial world, so don’t let your company be the last to get certified by a Green certification firm. 

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