Green Consultant Classes on Sept 9-11

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Green Consultant Classes on Sept 9-11

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Learn more about Green Consultant Classes on Sept 9-11
Wednesday, September 1, 2010 - 4:05pm


It always happens that we get calls just a week after a major class from a person seeking to attend the Green Consulting classes.  This is a powerful and exciting training course that will propel any excited person into a business that is already happening.  So, here's the final notice that the classes are very near,a nd its time to get connected.

As a Certified Green Consultant, you are a community-wide Green guru that is charged with bring Green to your community or city.  You will learn all that you need to know, then you will be shown how to set up a chapter of The Sustainability Forum in your community.  This is your launching pad by creating activity that brings you higher and higher on the success ladder.

The Green Consultant training is excellent.  It is 15 modules of powerful information, and the live classes will give you the vision and encouragement to "Be the Change that You want to see in the World." (Gandhi)  Frankly, there is just nothing like this course, and everyone needs to attend if they want to capture the Green momentum that is now moving from a light breeze to a gail force wind in a few years.

Certified Sustainability Officers may attend as well.  A CSO is an in-house Green Officer that used this training to learn how to formulate a comprehensive Sustainability Plan.  With the further assistance of the Certified Green Officer in your area and a chapter of The Sustainable Forum, the CSO is well-equipped for the task.

This will be the last scheduled class of the year, so it is very important to make a decision now.  This is one of the few booming areas of business growth.  The Green Business League is also an EPA Energy Star Partner which adds even more value to our training.

Classes are Sept 9-11, 2010, and getting your reservation set is the first step to a powerful Green career.


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