Green Jobs Are Hiring And Paying Off

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Green Jobs Are Hiring And Paying Off

Green Jobs Are Recession Proof
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With unemployment rising and individuals losing their jobs at an enormous rate, the only hope right now seems to be Green Jobs.  Green Companies are the only companies that are hiring and making money in a bad economy.  You can sincerely say that Green Jobs are recession proof.

Monday, December 14, 2009 - 11:00am

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Certified Green Consultants(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) December 14, 2009 - As unemployment rates go up we are seeing more Green job being created and being successful.  We are still in the early stages of the environmental revolution, but this is an unavoidable and influential movement that must be addressed at every level of society.  To be truthful, groups like TerraPass have discovered that 96% of all Green products embellish their claims and frankly Greenwash.  Greenwashing is the popular method of environmental conformity, and this is because people merely do not have enough information or help to set up an Authentically Green program.

This is the stage of the Green consultant opportunity. There is a serious need of clear and developed information in the market.  Your mission is to "Teach and Advocate" for Green in your community. The opportunity is real but it is still in the beginning stages of development.  Those who establish themselves as leaders in this market will see many doors open up.  This will require more than passion.  Success will depend on great information, a proactive spirit, and an understandable plan that businesses can easily take on.

The Green Business League has the best certified Green consultants in the nation. There are three parts to our training program.  Fist, is the Pre-Class material that is sent to each student once they enroll in one of our classes.  This is for orientation and to provoke your thinking.  The three-day Live Class is a fast-paced presentation of general and crucial subjects that will make you "knowledgeable" on nearly every environmental topic.  Finally, you will participate in a yearlong training and support program designed to round out your education.

As a Certified Green Consultant, you are miles head of the self-appointed Green advisers.  Too often, Green advisers are narrow applications like: energy consultants, carbon credit promoters, sustainability counselors, solar power installers, or ISO quality control programmers.  None of these have the whole program although they make it sound like they do.  Our certification introduces the student to all the areas of environmental issues.  Therefore, your certification is very well-rounded and vigorous.  The Green Business League is a federal trademark, and a national program that presently has strong recognition.

As a Certified Green Consultant, you will be able to offer your professional services to assist homes, schools, and businesses on how to install Green Practices into their daily operation.  At 100 points of accumulated Green Practices, the business will qualify as Green Certified Business with the Green Business League.

While there are other certifications cropping up on the Internet each month, none offer the credibility of the Green Business League.   We proudly say that our certification is "Earned, not Bought," and that says a lot about our level of commitment.  This is not a program that can be cheated or abused.

Only a Certified Green Consultant can offer what we offer. We know that hundreds of knock off certification will crop up on the Internet and clandestine groups who hope to grab a piece of this growing market. Businesses that earn the GBL Green business certification represent the best Green businesses in America. This is a certification that is earned, and one that can be proudly promoted to a public that is willing to patronize an Authentically Green business.

Please do not wait for the Certified Green Consultant Training to eventually get to your area.  We will offer a limited class option in 2010, and these classes will be in increasing demand.  Reserve your seat for a training city that you can reach with modest effort.  These are three day training session, and they are packed with information designed to make you "Knowledgeable" on a wide variety of environmental topics.  There is one exam on the third day, and successful completion will mean that you leave with your certificate.


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CONTENT: Press Release