The Greenwashing Fad Of Green Business Certifications

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The Greenwashing Fad Of Green Business Certifications

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Monday, May 10, 2010 - 3:00pm

CONTENT: Press Release

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) May 10, 2010 - The Green Business League is on a campaign to raise the level of play when it comes to Green certification.  Part of the challenge this company faces is being heard over the hundreds of pretend certifications.  With many choices for Green certification, the problem is identifying the “Real Deal” among the crowds of clamoring websites.  Worse yet, you cannot depend on the quality or brags made on these website either.  Many websites are artfully designed to convince the visitor that the company is a “leader” and offers a “highly credible” certification.  Looks can be deceiving, and this is true for so many of the Green certification website.

Why are the phony Green certifications so popular?  Well, imagine the profit of selling something worth $5.00 or $500!  There is nothing to most of the voluntary-compliance, self-assessment programs except to pay the fee online and download some forms.  No one checks on the compliance, no one asks questions, and you get a Green certification in minutes.  It is as easy as downloading an iTune, except the buyer is paying far more than these programs are worth.  No wonder that other Internet entrepreneurs are getting in on the lucrative game of greenwashed credentials.

Now, not only is the buyer of these greenwashed credentials being deceived; they are also deceiving their customers.  The display of a Green certification should require more than a fee and some downloaded compliance forms.   The display of a Green certification implies that there was a serious review of the processes whereby the consumer is assured that the brag is backed up by fact.  Internet purchased certifications anticipate consumers will see their purchased certification on equal terms as an earned certification.  This is purposeful, part of their appeal, and an intentional effort to deceive the public.

This is why the Green Business League stands alone in the area of Green business certification.  They perform a live audit on every single certification awarded.  This is a certification that cannot be bought, it must be earned.  While this process may cost more than an Internet certification, any business concerned for its integrity needs to do so by a program that has honest and known standards, independent audit, and a certification that can be respected by all.

Companies known for high standards are turning to the Green Business League for their professional auditing service.  The reason is that there are more than 375 Certified Green Consultants nationwide and in Canada.  They are placed in nearly every community and city, and ready to perform a serious assessment and review of a business operation.  Generally, most companies have already made improvements, and these are noted.  With several suggestions by the Green consultant, almost any company can make the necessary improvements and reach the 100 point level of silver certification.

Like many things in life, the easy way is not always the right way.  The GBL Green Business Certification is becoming the standard that the others cannot match, and the standard we need in a world that requires more than phony certifications.