Growing Demand On Green Janitorial Certification

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Growing Demand On Green Janitorial Certification

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The janitorial business is no longer a mop and bucket project. With greater demands for Green Clean Certification by government, schools, and public buildings, it can bring in new business or cost you a valuable account.  This designation will become more valuable year after year, and it will be required for numerous janitorial jobs.  Businesses are increasingly asking, "Is your service Green Clean certified?"  That does not come from Green products on the carts.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 - 9:00am

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Green Clean Institute Girl(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) December 16, 2009 - For those of you in the janitorial world, you probably know the name Green Clean Institute.  If you don’t know who the Green Clean Institute is then you should get familiar with them because they are the largest Green Janitorial Certification Firm in the Nation. Green Clean Institute Certified™ is also a federal trademark.  This proves our commitment to the project because getting a federal trademark is costly and time consuming.  Most firms handing out meaningless Green Clean certified awards are little more than product companies who brought you in to learn about their line of products, but not to educate you in an effective program.

Green Clean Institute does not sell products and does not run a rival janitorial service behind the scenes.  We are an "Education Only" program that exists to train, certify, and promote your janitorial or cleaning business.  When a potential customer of yours wants to "Check you out," they can call our company or look on our website to find that you are a bona fide Green Clean certified company.

There is a couple different ways your janitorial firm or cleaning company can get certified depending on the size and their commitment to the program. The Individual Green Clean Certified is your credential for the small business or those who want to invest in their Green knowledge.  We have three levels of individual certification, and they all start with GCIC Technician.  Technician is the Level One certification, and designed to educate the student to the basic concepts of Green Clean Institute Certified (GCIC).

Manager is the Level Two certification, and designed to educate the student to building requirements for Green Clean Institute Certified (GCIC). Lastly, executive is the Level Three certification designed to educate the Owners or Operators of a janitorial firm. All of the levels are in two module courses provided by a download to your computer to be printed. Graduates receive the frameable GCIC Executive Green Clean certificate.

Firm certification is the best credential offering a separate Green Clean Institute certificate in the name of your firm as well as certificates for up to six people in your firm.  One person will take GCIC Tech 101-102, Mngr 201-202, and Exec 301-302, and up to five workers take only Tech 101-102.  It is simple and completed at your location with Fax-In exams.  Sign Up and get your download instructions right away, it takes only a few hours to earn your certificates.

Large and progressive firms should step up a higher level of Green compliance and show that Green is a serious effort in the organization.  The GCI Gold Firm Certification provides for unlimited training of your employees, and includes a marketing package that will saturate the Internet with your firm's information.  In addition to the normal downloadable training, GCI will provide a Green Janitorial Checklist of the critical elements for a full-fledged Green janitorial service.  Along with the training, your firm will be able to validate that the ideas we have taught are at work in your company. This is a higher level of compliance, and will we do validate each and every Gold certification with a friendly visit from a Certified Green Consultant.  By the way, you should get to know this person since they can also introduce your business to other area Green businesses.

In addition to the unlimited training option, and the Green Janitorial Checklist, our program offers a Internet marketing program valued at more the $2500. The combination of Gold certification, the Green Janitorial Checklist, and our intense marketing package makes this offering the very best option for any janitorial service seeking to ramp up its reputation and customer appeal.  Remember that Going Green starts with the Indoor Air Quality, and that brings every business back to the cleaning service.  This is inevitable.  Being Green certified as a janitorial service will soon be an industry mandate.

If you are interested having your janitorial company certified by a legitimate Green certification firm then Green Clean Institute can help. Green Clean Institute is a professional Green certification firm that believes becoming Green is not bought, but earned. Change is coming in the janitorial world, so don’t let your company be the last to get certified by a Green certification firm.