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HR: Gateway to Better Corporate Responsibility - A blog by Paul Klein

Paul Klein is president of Impakt Corporation, a Toronto-based outfit that helps corporations increase the returns on their community investments.
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Sunday, November 8, 2009 - 8:54am


The article in Saturday’s Globe and Mail about business schools introducing oaths of ethical conduct for MBA graduates is worth reading. (Here’s a link to MBA oaths from Harvard, Telfer School of Managements, and Richard Ivey School of Business: Sampling of Oaths.)

I support these student-sponsored initiatives and also have a practical suggestion for ensuring that employees of corporations, governments, and non-profits act more responsibly: get HR onside.

HR executives and managers have control over six opportunities to really entrench CSR at an operational level: job descriptions, recruitment, on-boarding, training, performance evaluation and compensation, exit interviews.

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