Herron Printing & Graphics Joins Green-e Marketplace with 100% Renewable Energy Use

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Herron Printing & Graphics Joins Green-e Marketplace with 100% Renewable Energy Use

Gaithersburg, MD–based printer commits to powering its entire operation with renewable energy, earning Green-e certification
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012 - 1:00pm

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(3BL Media) San Francisco, CA - April 10, 2012 - Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) announced today that Herron Printing & Graphics, a full-service graphic design and commercial offset printing-services company in Gaithersburg, MD, has joined Green-e® Marketplace after purchasing 149 megawatt-hours of Green-e Energy Certified renewable energy certificates from Washington Gas Energy Services—enough to meet 100 percent of the total annual electricity needs for the printer’s entire U.S. operations. By participating in Green-e Marketplace, Herron Printing & Graphics can now display the Green-e logo to inform its customers of its commitment to clean, renewable energy.

"Herron Printing is an exciting new addition to Green-e Marketplace, and has a clear commitment to the environment and energy independence," said Orrin Cook, manager of Green-e Marketplace. "Its clients will now be able to reduce their energy footprint through Herron’s printing services and Green-e certified paper lines."

Herron Printing & Graphics has made it a priority to reduce the environmental impact of its operations. Nearly all of its paper purchases are from tree farms specifically planted, harvested, and replanted to provide an ongoing source of non-public paper pulp. It also has an aggressive paper-recycling program, uses chemicals and solvents that are water-soluble and biodegradable, and has implemented programs to increase energy efficiency and minimize the use of raw materials.

“Renewable Energy is one of the most effective ways the print industry can make a sustainable impact,” said Randy Herron, founder of Herron Printing & Graphics. “Green-e and the re:print program give us an effective way to communicate our commitment to renewable energy.”

By offering its customers printing and paper that has been sourced from renewable energy, Herron Printing & Graphics can use the Green-e logo on printed materials through the Green-e re:print program. This program promotes renewable electricity in the print supply chain by granting use of the Green-e logo to organizations that source both their paper and printing through Green-e Marketplace Certified printers and paper lines.

Herron Printing & Graphics joins a growing list of companies and organizations taking real action to reduce the impact of their energy use. Electricity generated from renewable sources results in less environmental waste and pollution and displaces other non-renewable sources from the electric grid. Herron Printing & Graphics' purchase of electricity created from nearly emissions-free renewable sources avoids carbon dioxide and other pollutants and serves to build the market for renewable energy nationwide, increasing incentives for developing new facilities. Currently, renewable energy accounts for less than ten percent of total electricity generation nationwide.

Renewable energy certificates purchased by Herron Printing & Graphics are certified by Green-e Energy, the leading renewable energy certification program in the nation. Green-e Energy provides independent, third-party certification to ensure renewable energy products meet strict environmental and consumer protection standards, including being sourced from verified, new facilities; not being double-counted towards any state's renewable energy goal; and being retired on behalf of the purchaser. Every Green-e Marketplace participant undergoes annual verification and audits to document that it has purchased enough certified renewable energy to meet its annual commitment.

About Herron Printing & Graphics

Founded in 1982, Herron Printing & graphics is a family owned green printing company located in Gaithersburg, MD. Herron is also a full service marketing and communications company, helping their clients from concept to completion. The company also provides full services around signmaking. Environmental initiatives are a top priority for Herron Printing & Graphics, such as using 100% Green-e Certified wind power, vegetable based inks, and offering recycled paper lines. Herron has also partnered with Trees For The Future and plants a tree for every job printed. Our motto is “Green is not just a color, it's the way we do business.” Learn more about Herron at www.herronprinting.com.

About Green-e Marketplace and Center for Resource Solutions

Green-e Marketplace provides forward-thinking organizations with a simple, nationally recognized logo they can use to communicate their commitment to renewable energy to their customers and shareholders. The Green-e logo is the nation's leading symbol of renewable energy excellence and distinguishes Green-e Marketplace participants as environmental leaders. Green-e is a program of Center for Resource Solutions, a nonprofit that creates policy and market solutions to advance sustainable energy. To learn more, visit Center for Resource Solutions and Green-e Marketplace.




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