How Companies Structure Sustainability for Success

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How Companies Structure Sustainability for Success

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Monday, July 9, 2012 - 3:05pm

By Barbara O. Brown

In last month’s column, we reviewed three ways sustainability is typically organized. The three ways – Centralized, Integrated, and Embedded – morph as a company progresses on its sustainability journey. While many companies have elements of all three types in particular divisions or countries, best practices within a company’s own culture and sustainability organization gradually emerge.

The benefits of elevating sustainability in organizations are well documented. No matter where in the journey your company is now, there are a few structural tips to follow to make sustainability take hold faster, easier, and with more enthusiasm. To continue with the keys to making sustainability central to success, here are three examples for guidance and ideas.

Coca-Cola has focused on sustainability within their culture for decades. After growing and developing employee engagement and embedding sustainability more deeply, it recently named a Chief Sustainability Officer, bringing additional leadership connection and visibility to the program.

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