How GE is Helping the World Cope With 7 Billion People

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How GE is Helping the World Cope With 7 Billion People

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How is #GE Helping the World Cope With 7 Billion People?


The United Nations estimates that the world population recently surpassed seven billion. This is more than double the total from 1965. The growth is primarily coming from three areas: India, the Arab world, and sub-Saharan and East Africa. Take a look at how GE technology and ideas are working to ease the burdens of these three increasingly crowded regions.

Monday, November 14, 2011 - 9:00am


Africa: The countries of Sub-Saharan and east Africa have seen their population explode. It has been estimated that half of the 158 million residents of Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, now live in urban areas. GE is helping Nigeria rebuild its infrastructure, increase power grid capacity, and supply new locomotives. GE is also working to improve access to healthcare and provide innovative equipment, such as the ultra portable V ultrasound scanner, to help reduce mother and child mortality, and improve accessibility, diagnostics, and primary care. GE’s Developing Healthcare Globally Program has been active at over 150 clinics in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and other African countries. One of the goals of GE’s $6 billion Healthymagination initiative is to improve the quality and access to care. In Egypt, GE Healthcare installed a new cyclotron at the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt, the largest pediatric oncology in Middle East and Africa. The machine produces fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG), a medical imaging substance used with PET and CT scans, and essential for detection and treatment management of many types of cancer.

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