How To Make Your Business Successful For FREE: Lessons From Nonprofits

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How To Make Your Business Successful For FREE: Lessons From Nonprofits

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Businesses can learn from #nonprofits to motivate employees & build brand. Effective ideas that work & are FREE.
Friday, June 25, 2010 - 5:14pm


Your company is slashing its budget and reducing staff. Nonetheless, you want to enhance your brand and motivate your employees. Look no further than the nonprofit sector for solutions. And, best of all, Nancy Lublin has pulled all the best answers together in "Zilch: The Power of Zero in Business." Lublin is the CEO of DO Something and the founder of Dress for Success.

I've lived at the intersection of for-profits and nonprofits for 20 years, training and placing corporate executives on nonprofit boards, and consulting in both sectors. It's usually obvious to business people that they have a great deal to offer to nonprofits. But, once they serve on nonprofit boards, business people are often surprised to discover how much they can learn and bring back to their companies.

For one thing, corporate executives are often struck by how driven nonprofit people are, regardless of salaries that pale compared to for-profits.

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Korngold Consulting LLC assists corporations in building fully integrated, high-impact CSR strategies, including leadership development through nonprofit board service.  Korngold Consulting trains and places business executives on nonprofit boards, and consults to nonprofit boards and leaders to strengthen governance for financial and strategic success.