IBM and Thai Red Cross Strike Socially Responsible HIV Partnership

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IBM and Thai Red Cross Strike Socially Responsible HIV Partnership

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The latest step in the fight against #HIV in #Thailand: Red Cross AIDS Research Center & @IBM #Health #CSR
Wednesday, May 23, 2012 - 5:15pm



In 2010 2.7 million became infected with HIV, bringing the total tally to 34 million HIV positive people in the world. Despite the fact that medication to treat the condition has increased the life expectancy of those infected with the virus and delayed the onset of AIDS, the best way to fight the problem is avoiding infection in the first place.

Thailand is seen as success story in terms of policies to stop the spread of the virus. During the 1990s the government introduced a comprehensive program that resulted in a reduction of visits to commercial sex workers, made condoms popular and reduced the spread of other sexually transmitted diseases. As a consequence, infection figures dropped from 143,000 in 1991 to 19,000 in 2003. Currently, just over 500,000 people live with HIV in that country while new infections stand at around 16,000 per year.

The latest step in the fight against HIV in Thailand is an agreement between the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Center and IBM. The socially responsible deal is part of a drive to make Bangkok a zero HIV infection city by 2015. IBM will be donating its business analytics software and technology expertise to enable TRCARC to design more effective intervention strategies to help end the spread of HIV/AIDS.

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