Investing In Girls For Major Economic Growth In Developing Countries

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Investing In Girls For Major Economic Growth In Developing Countries

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Remember the enchanting Girl Effect video? Turns out that girls R worth billions 2 economies of developing countries.
Saturday, September 17, 2011 - 3:24pm

How do you add U.S.$3.4 billion to Kenya’s gross income every year? According to The World Bank, this could be achieved if all 1.6 million adolescent girls in Kenya completed secondary school and the 220,098 adolescent mothers were employed instead of falling pregnant early. In its newly released report, “Measuring the Economic Gain of Investing in Girls: The Girl Effect Dividend,” The World Bank calculates the positive economic impact for fourteen developing countries if interventions reverse the patterns of early school dropout, teenage pregnancies, and joblessness for girls.

The Girl Effect is an enchanting three-minute video that shows how education for a twelve year old girl in a developing country is a game-changer.

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