It Only Took Two Toe Nails..But I Did It!

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It Only Took Two Toe Nails..But I Did It!

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It Only Took Two Toe Nails..But I Did It! @DetermiNation

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Monday, May 14, 2012 - 2:00pm


By Sarah Craft

I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be that is for sure! Maybe it’s because I knew I had to do it for all of my friends and family. I made sure that all of my ribbons were unique and stood out! They all looked so pretty. I gave my co-workers no choice but to help me decora

te them with colored markers! They loved it and were more than happy to help me out! I spent the night prior making my shirt ribbon friendly and making sure that my outfit matched of course! I was a running advertisement for ACS DetermiNation that was for sure, and I was proud to do it! Over the last month I had slacked a little on my running and made it to 7.5 miles for my longest run. That was probably my biggest worry, but I knew I could at least make it that far so in my head I figured if I walked the rest of the way I wouldn’t be mad at myself. I had definitely come a long way from never running before 3 months ago.

I started in corral T. As I came up on the start line I was already getting misty eyed. Don’t ask me why I have no clue! I think it was my adrenaline getting the best of me! Or maybe its the fact that while I was making my way to the start line other runners kept asking me why I had all the ribbons on my shirt. That stirred up memories of the last few months as well as memories of my grandparents. It was my turn to start the race, as I plucked in my earphones I had one last guy stop me and say “good luck on your run for you and your amazing cause”. That was the last thing I heard before I separated myself from the other runners. I was on a role running! I paced myself, drank everything they had to offer and actually increased my speed as I made my way to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway! Running seemed to be a breeze for me that day until I got to mile 12. I was all of a sudden tired and over running! I kept thinking “you did not just run 12 miles straight with out stopping to get to the last mile and walk”! NO WAY! So I decreased my speed and jogged the last mile out, which I might add was the longest mile of my entire life! Crossing the finish line felt amazing!

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