Join the conversation on Food Security - Invitation for the $10,000 2010 Our Daily Bread Prize

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Join the conversation on Food Security - Invitation for the $10,000 2010 Our Daily Bread Prize

“We must secure a habitable climate and food system and build economic justice through our visions, strategies and life-goals.” – Theo Ferguson, Vital Systems
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Call for Submissions for the international $10,000 2010 Our Daily Bread Prize are now being accepted.
Thursday, September 3, 2009 - 3:00pm

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Join the Global Conversation on Food Security

Call for Submissions for the $10,000 2010 Our Daily Bread Prize

“Let us secure a habitable climate and a sustainable food system through economic justice in our visions, strategies and life-goals.” – Theo Ferguson, Vital Systems

Candidates and Jurors are invited to join the global conversation on Food Security and participate in the international 2010 Our Daily Bread Prize.  Vital Systems is offering $10,000 to those individuals or teams that submit proven or proposed case studies of food and farming practices based on sustainability principles.   

The focus of the 2010 Our Daily Bread Prize is to attract quality publication-ready reports from candidates from around the world submitted with a video of their findings. An anthology of selected reports is intended to be distributed to libraries and institutions of higher learning worldwide.  In order to qualify as a candidate for the Prize, individuals and teams must include a video component so that their findings can be made available to a wide, diverse audience.  Submissions without a video component are very welcome, but will be considered only for the anthology. 

 Who should consider submitting to the international 2010 Our Daily Bread Prize?

Candidate submissions can be made by anyone passionate about improving food security and committed to developing the collective knowledge that addresses our global food crisis.  Candidates for the 2006 Our Daily Bread Prize were from four continents and five countries.  Writers, librarians, members of working groups and associations, NGO and consultancy organizations, students and faculty from Universities worldwide participated.

Vital Systems is now accepting Abstract submissions for the 2010 Our Daily Bread Prize. Candidates’ Abstracts should include how your publication-ready report and video will feature proven and proposed case studies that exemplify the social, environmental, government, policy, financial, and economic systemic challenges in food and farming that our local and global societies face today. 

Submissions on all topics related to food security will be considered. Sample report topics could include: 


A regional “food shed” analysis – Showcase a full-scale life cycle analysis of a local food shed—profile producers, distribution systems, seasonal investing and eating patterns, and changes in regional trends that substantiate how people eat over a discrete time period;


A financial policy with extensive social implications – Develop a financial policy that ensures high risk youth have easy access to healthy, locally-grown food.  Substantiate how your proposed policy offsets the following outcomes: teen obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease (see True Cost Pricing);


A government regulation white paper – Design a food security implementation strategy for government and policy oversight that includes regulations with clear and effective checks and balances developed in consultation with community representatives;


A community ownership model – Define business structures and funding strategies based on employee and community investment and ownership opportunities;


An anthology of community practices – Illustrate how communities successfully cultivate farm knowledge and healthy eating practices through events, music, art, storytelling, shared meals, and rituals;


A collection of anecdotes and stories – Collect personal stories from successful and satisfied farmers, food professionals, and eaters that illustrate a sense of place in their communities;


A metrics system or an anthology of existing metrics systems – Develop a system of “living costs” that includes individual, community, and ecosystem investment strategies such as Life Cycle Assessments,  True Cost Accounting (e.g. BL3), or Impact Management to substantiate success based on sustainability principles;


Marketing strategy – Identify and develop a template implementation strategy of market practices that have been successful in enticing consumers to eat healthy food that is grown locally (e.g. Italy’s Emilia-Romagna Region).


An evaluation of certifications, standards, and labeling – evaluate the role of certifications (organic, Fair Trade, Food Alliance, Rainforest Alliance, etc.), standards (e.g. ISO standard for life cycle assessment –LCA), or food labeling (  Include for whom are they intended, are they used by their intended audiences, and how effective are they in achieving a sustainable food system.

For more information

Visit Vital Systems online at Prospective Candidates and Jurors, please refer to the  Our Daily Bread Prize FAQ: 


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