Latest Trends in Corporate Giving from GlamourGoneGood

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Latest Trends in Corporate Giving from GlamourGoneGood

How Has Corporate Charitable Giving Evolved?
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How has corporate charitable giving evolved?  Here is a perspective from GlamourGoneGood in a recent blog post that focuses on what's new in corporate charitable giving. 

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Friday, October 8, 2010 - 12:00pm


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October 1st kicked off Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a hugely popular time of year for companies to embrace the beauty of charitable giving. Everyone from the NFL to Hershey’s to Bloomingdale’s has gone pink for the month and is donating large sums of cash to breast cancer organizations.

Unfortunately for me, there are so many companies involved in breast cancer awareness that I could not decide which ones to highlight for you. So, instead, I’ve decided to explore with you the latest trends in corporate charitable giving.

October is a great month to talk about corporate charitable giving since it’s a month saturated with charitable messaging thanks to the permeation of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in American society. You can’t argue that pink ribbons have become the October equivalent of red ribbons and bright lights around the holidays. But, how has corporate charitable giving evolved since Breast Cancer Awareness Month emerged and corporations began slapping pink ribbons on products? Has the recipe for corporate charitable giving truly changed over time? Or just the packaging?

You be the judge.

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