Leveraging Business to Solve Society's Most Vexing Problems

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Leveraging Business to Solve Society's Most Vexing Problems

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CSC's Susan Pullin talks about community engagement efforts and strategic philanthropy: http://3bl.me/cra57p


In CSC's latest CR Quarterly Update, Susan Pullin, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility, talks about how strategic philanthropy and CSC's community engagement efforts. View the full article, here: http://www.csc.com/cr/ds/68349-cr_quarterly_update

Monday, March 19, 2012 - 1:00pm

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In business, our principal focus rightly lies in improving the bottom line and responding to our stakeholders’ requests and expectations.  These day-to-day efforts often overlook a significant aspect of our business: engagement in our communities. Leaving a positive imprint on the world around us, and particularly addressing the critical challenges in our global society such as hunger and poverty, deserves greater attention from the corporate world. In a recent presentation entitled the “Five Most Promising CSR Trends 2012”, Bea Boccalandro, president of VeraWorks, predicts a future in which CSR will “truly meld into business functions.”  If every business function played a role in addressing these challenges of our  global communities as part of their everyday business, CR as a field would become obsolete as these distinctive issues blend into the course of everyday operations.

Until we reach that time, we need to leverage CR to enhance our engagement in solving philanthropic issues. All too frequently, natural disasters in the form of tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes or hurricanes devastate communities. These tragedies pose difficult inquiries about how we can best respond, and to what extent.   Through our global community outreach program, CSC Gives Back, we recently launched the CSC Gives Back Challenge, which focuses on assisting the marginalized children most severely impacted by such disasters. We asked employees to contribute to ChildFund International, a well respected charity that focuses on improving the lives of children in many countries and even in desperate areas of the U.S.  Our challenge will run until March 1st, and we are aiming for an average contribution of $1 per employee to demonstrate how we can collaboratively make a difference in the world through CSC. In addition to employees’ individual donations, CSC will match the second $10,000 raised to create a more comprehensive effort.  At the close of the challenge CSCers will become more directly engaged by forming teams to sponsor a group of children over the next two years.

Another CSC Gives Back initiative is to encourage our employees to register their IT skills with nPower’s Community Corps, where they will be matched to work on IT projects for North American non-profits.  Over 200 employees have registered to contribute their pro-bono skills to these deserving organizations,  supporting 14 projects from countries including India, Denmark and the UK. We are delighted by this opportunity to exercise one of our greatest business strengths, the IT skills of our employees, for the good of our communities.

Contributing solutions to all of the world’s problems may not be in our realm of possibility, but as responsible global citizens the duty falls on us to donate the resources and skills we harbor to leave a lasting, positive imprint in the communities that need us most.

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