Lighting Aisle Changes of 2012: What Consumers Need to Know

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Lighting Aisle Changes of 2012: What Consumers Need to Know

New Energy Efficiency Standards for Lighting Soon To Come Into Effect
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Confused about which bulbs use less electricity? Get the latest 2012 lighting saving facts about incandescents, fluorescents, halogen, and LEDS.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011 - 4:00pm


by Trish Holder

Short of having a decent sense of humor, my timing has never been great. I’m always a little too early or too late to the party.  This includes my premature decision to use all fluorescent lighting in the Greenspiration Home (completed in 2009).

Most of these light fixtures came with the bulbs – the older style pin type.  Therefore replacement bulbs are only available through the manufacturer or a lighting specialty story – not your local big box.  A few times we’ve had to special order replacements from the specialty store.  It’s a real pain.  I guess I was thinking, “Hey they won’t burn out for years, right?”  Wrong.  We’ve been in our home for nearly 3 years, and about 18 bulbs have burned out.  That’s disappointing.

Of course, since we built our home, fluorescents have become more mainstream, and finding light fixtures with the typical screw-in fluorescent bulbs (which you can find in the big box stores) is easier than it once was.  But that doesn’t do me any good.  I’m stuck unless I want to replace all my light fixtures.

I know I’m not alone, which is why I asked the folks at GE to put together the following “consumer friendly” update on home lighting options.  So before you fall for fluorescents or leap toward LEDs, please read this article first:  Lighting Aisle Changes of 2012: What Consumers Need to Know. 



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