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A Little Fabric Shop... - A blog by Build2Sustain

Build2Sustain is dedicated to sharing information about sustainable renovation and retrofit, particularly in commercial spaces. We look to foster conversation and appeal to business owners with transparent processes and a realistic focus on ROI.
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010 - 6:38pm


I love walking around my neighborhood (Astoria, Queens) because it's one of those areas of NYC where you get a true cross section of the population. There are some upper middle class, middle class, and working class folks of every ethnic and religious denomination. You're as likely to run into a white out-of-work actor as you are 2nd generation land owner leaving his local mosque. The other great thing about Astoria is that it's a great case study for small business environments, especially retail. Raquel and I were walking home when she decided to stop into the fabric shop along the way. The place was full of patches, brightly colored yarns, sewings kits, and bolts of fabric. It had the potential to be so exciting a place, so welcoming an envrionment, yet it wasn't. It was, instead this cold grey pall was cast over what should have been a vibrant visual array of fabric and supplies.

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