Magnetic-Receptive Materials Transform Walls in to Dynamic Spaces for Learning

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Magnetic-Receptive Materials Transform Walls in to Dynamic Spaces for Learning

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Learn how magnetic primer created dynamic learning spaces that transform @SVADSI
Tuesday, August 7, 2012 - 8:00pm

(3BL Media) Mendon, MA - August 7, 2012 – Visual Magnetics® (@VisualMagnetics), developer of the revolutionary Visual Magnetics Graphic System™ that matches magnetic-receptive technologies with high-quality print media, today announced that the School of Visual Arts in New York City has incorporated a range of Visual Magnetics materials in the construction of an Innovation Lab that will be the heart of its new Design for Social Innovation master’s program, which is geared toward designers looking for meaningful and engaging work through which they can make a significant contribution to society.

In addition to its extensive success in the retail design industry, Visual Magnetics materials are ideal to incorporate in to architectural projects that aim to create an environment with a perfect blend of elegant aesthetics and high functionality, such as design studios, within firms and higher education institutions.

Visual Magnetics’ Dynamic Spaces™ concept utilizes the company’s innovative magnetic- receptive graphics materials to unlock the potential of ordinary walls. A Dynamic Space is a wall-to-wall interactive environment with the versatility to adjust and evolve as needed; walls can be transformed based on practical requirements or aesthetic preferences. A wide range of Visual Magnetics MagnaMedia® can be combined for a custom mix of high functionality and visual excitement. MagnaMedia wide-format printable substrates fall into three major categories: writable surfaces, photo-quality films and digital fabrics. 

Dynamic Spaces will provide a truly hands-on experience where ideas can flow naturally and innovation can be born collaboratively... [read more]


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