Making Winter Hot with Eco-Knits

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Making Winter Hot with Eco-Knits

Designer Gail Travis’ eco-knits will leave you feeling fashionably warm
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Making Winter Hot with Eco-Knits
Monday, December 7, 2009 - 1:00pm


I’m sitting in Starbucks. It’s snowing. It’s Michigan and it’s December, so I guess I am not that surprised. But that doesn’t negate the fact that I am cold. And one [of the many] thing(s) I hate about cold weather is that it leaves my fashion wardrobe limited. Not only do I lack motivation to dress any way but comfy, there are only so many variations of long sleeves, long pants and boots.

Alas, this is why I appreciate fashion designers like Gail Travis who make cute clothes for winter. Each item in her line N:F:P (NIT:FELT:PHRAME) “has the ability to link, layer, fold, snap, shift or connect, creating a platform for personal expression and creativity encouraging new forms and perspectives." Her fun winter wear of hats, scarves, gloves and other winter accessories would probably make delightful gifts for those dwelling in the snowy tundra. The pieces in Travis's NIT line are handmade and available in either 100% merino wool or bamboo. I found them for sale in the Inhabitat Shop.

I love the fingerless gloves. But I think my favorite item is the scarf with pockets on both ends (Nit Pocket Ascot ). It’s one of those features that just seems right, and maybe even mandatory, on all scarves. Not only can the pockets double as handwarmers, they can also be used to store random little possessions. All of the NIT designs look warm but still lightweight enough that even my friends in the south could probably rock them out this winter. is dedicated to our users. We focus our attention on changing the world through recycling, waste-to-energy and conservation. We reward our users for their sustainable behaviors on our website, through our Greenopolis Tracking Stations and with curbside recycling programs.